How to choose a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene pipes are a rather complex material, and it is problematic to work with it. This is due to the temperature regime. In order to properly connect the two pipes, you need to fine tune the instrument. Otherwise, the connector will become leaky. Also, the problem lies in the nozzles.

To date, polypropylene pipes are available in a variety of diameters, their thickness varies. During the work all these factors the builder must take into account. If we consider the exact soldering, then quite thin nozzles are needed for the soldering iron of polypropylene pipes. For the cut, it is necessary that there are knives in the set.

nozzles for a soldering iron of polypropylene pipes

Important characteristics of soldering irons

The power consumption of a soldering iron is important. This indicator is measured in W.The operating voltage must also be taken into account. The heating element of the device always has its maximum temperature. The time for full warm-up can vary quite a lot. Another important characteristics include the dimensions of

the nozzles that are included in the kit for the soldering iron. In addition, the manufacturer indicates the dimensions of the device, as well as its weight.

How to choose a good model?

If you select a universal option, then the power of the soldering iron should be around 2000 W.The limiting voltage is not less than 230 V. In this case, you can count on a stable frequency during operation. In addition, the parameters of the heating element must be taken into account. Typically, the maximum soldering iron is able to reach a temperature of 300 degrees, and this is enough to work with polypropylene pipes of different thicknesses. Also you need to take into account the warm-up time. On average, this takes 15 minutes. On the market there are models with a much better indicator.

Lastly, the kit is considered. It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the nozzles. For the most delicate work, it will be required with a diameter of 20 mm. For soldering large-sized pipes, nozzles of 63 mm are used. In addition to the device should be applied a knife, which will help when cutting. To clean the soldering iron after use, you will need special tools.

For this, use a hex wrench, a screwdriver, and a sponge. For safe work, gloves are additionally required. Also pay attention to the case of the device. It should be convenient and practical, and then with the transportation of the tool there will be no problems. Another important issue concerns the dimensions of the device. The average length of the device is 260 mm, height - 200 mm, and the thickness - 110 mm. Weigh a soldering iron for polypropylene pipes around 6 kg. A good model will cost the buyer an average of about 3 thousand rubles.

soldering iron for welding polypropylene pipes

Review of soldering irons from Forte

Forte is quite popular, and it produces high quality soldering irons. They are able to boast of high power, and the frequency in many models is kept at around 55 Hz. Thanks to this, the device's performance remains at a high level. The heating elements are also good.

In maintenance they are pretty simple. In a complete set there is all necessary. To disadvantages can be attributed to awkward pens. Working with some models is impractical. Especially it concerns soldering irons of the early series.

soldering iron for polypropylene pipes

Reviews about the model "Forte 6320"

This soldering iron for polypropylene pipes reviews is good. Many buyers of this model fell in love for high accuracy of soldering. For complex work in hard-to-reach places, the unit is ideal. This is due to the compact size of the device. It weighs very little and has short nozzles. Due to this, it is possible to reach various connections in the pipe.

The maximum temperature of the heating element is able to reach 300 degrees. The total warm-up time is 17 minutes, and this is quite a lot. In service, the soldering iron for polypropylene pipes is not fastidious. In order to clean it, the case has everything you need. There are four baits in the standard kit. It is worth this soldering iron for polypropylene pipes( market prices) about 2700 rubles. Soldering iron "Forte 6312"

This soldering iron is best suited for large diameter pipes. In this case, small nozzles are not included in the kit. The operating modes are different. With their help, the power of the tool is constantly changing. Thus, the limiting frequency will increase and decrease. On energy consumption, this model is acceptable. Also note the quality of the heating element.

Thanks to this, it is possible to work with a soldering iron for a long time without negative consequences. Clues with the material occur very rarely. A soldering iron for welding polypropylene pipes "Forte 6312" will be sold to the buyer on the market at about 3100 rubles.

soldering iron for polypropylene pipes Leroy

Models of the "Venta" trademark

"Venta" soldering irons are quite practical. They differ in a convenient regulator. Modes can be set different to adjust to the desired diameter of the pipe. The power cord is quite long. In this case, during work, it does not cause any inconvenience. The instrument is protected against power surges in the network.

Thanks to this, the soldering process always stays stable. The handset is installed in many models rather strong, it is additionally protected by a casing. A disadvantage of soldering iron of the above brand is the low operating frequency. As a result, it will not work for a long time.

Consumer feedback on Venta 2200M

Many buyers on the positive side described this soldering iron for polypropylene pipes due to the many nozzles that are available in the standard kit. It is also important to note that they are all manufactured with Teflon coating. Due to this, it is quite easy to clean them after use. In total in this model there are two modes to choose from.

The maximum temperature that the instrument is able to reach is 350 degrees. The operating frequency fluctuates at around 45 Hz. Holder-holder to the instrument is attached. Scissors for pipes and a measuring tape measure are also presented. In general, "Vent 2200M" is a fairly popular tool. A soldering iron for polypropylene pipes is also inexpensive."Leroy Merlin" is a site on which only 2800 rubles are asked for.

soldering iron for polypropylene pipes prices

Model "Venta SPP"

This soldering iron for polypropylene pipes consumes power at 1500 watts. The operating frequency is around 50 Hz. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted the high consumption of electricity. For this reason, the tool can not be called economical. In addition, complexity creates a rather short power cord, because of what work on some objects can be uncomfortable.

In turn, the handle is ergonomically shaped and does not cause problems for owners. Another distinguishing feature of this device can be considered a quality heating element. The maximum temperature of the regulator can be set at 400 degrees. It is worth this soldering iron for polypropylene pipes( market prices) about 3100 rubles.

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