Folding knife "Rat": отзывы, фото

Knife "Rat" has long been known as fans of cold steel, and ordinary consumers. Practical and comfortable knife for all occasions. He excellently proved himself in the field, convenient for working in the kitchen. The knife "Rat"( photo in the text) was recognized several times by the knife of the year according to the version of the well-known weapon portal.

History of

In the state of New York in Naples in the distant 1889, Ontario Knife Company was founded. For the years of the company's existence, its specialists have developed and launched knives of the most diverse purpose: kitchen, tourist, army. It was the latter that brought fame to the firm. They were bought by power structures not only in the USA, but also in other countries. The company's products have always been famous for their quality. rat knife

The story of the knife began with the collaboration of the company with the expert on survival in the jungle by Jeff Randal. The task was to create a convenient, reliable, compact, multi-purpose in

strument suitable for harsh survival conditions. The decision was found, and the knife "Ontario Rat" appeared.

He met all the requirements. It is stamped with Randall's Adventure &Training( name of the school of survival), abbreviated RAT, translated from English as "rat."So him and stuck the Russian-speaking name - knife "Rat", although officially it is the name of Ontario Rat Folder Model I. Of course, credibility Jeff Randall played a role in the promotion of products, but the model has become widely known primarily due to its excellent design. knife ontario

Folding knife "Rat" is in great demand among hunters, fishermen and fans of outdoor activities. The choice of the majority is confirmed by multiple knife awards as the best for tourism. Thoughtful design and small size made it popular among urban residents.

Material of manufacture

Knife "Rat" is made of the following materials:

  • Blade - steel AUS8.By modern standards refers to the average level. It does not have outstanding characteristics, but it is very practical. It has good mechanical properties, is resistant to corrosion, has high wear resistance. The blade can easily be sharpened.
  • The handle is made of steel plate and covered with impact-resistant nylon, reinforced with fiberglass, the original name Glass Reinforced Nylon( GRN).Cover plates for the knife "Rat" are available in different colors. They have a shallow texture that does not allow the handle to slide in the hand.


collapsible rat knife

Let's take a closer look at the "Rat" model. The knife has the following characteristics:

  • total length in the opened state - 216 mm;
  • the total width of the knife in the folded state is 32.5 mm;
  • cutting edge - plain;
  • blade: length - 92 mm, width - 26 mm, thickness - 3 mm;
  • handle: length - 123 mm, width - 28.5 mm, thickness - 13 mm;
  • otokh: thickness - 3 mm;
  • type of lock - reinforced liner with a thickness of 1.6 mm;
  • clip in four positions, made of stainless steel with non-reflective coating, which has anti-corrosion effect;
  • weight - 142 grams;
  • country of origin - Taiwan;
  • firm - Ontario Knife Co.

Other models have similar characteristics and differ mainly in size.

Application of

Despite its specialization, "Rat" is a knife that is enjoyed not only by tourists, hunters, but also ordinary townspeople. Small size, reliability of fixation on the belt make it a welcome acquisition. rat knife pictures

Two years of work on the development of the basic parameters of the knife and its design have not been in vain. This copy is in many collections of cold weapons of an entire army of lovers of extreme leisure and many urban residents.

reviews indicate that it is equally convenient to cut sausage on a picnic, prepare wood for a fire, or disembowel prey fish, peel the potatoes in the kitchen or cut lace tightened to a dead knot in the shoe.

Advantages of

There are no disappointed people who bought a knife "Rat".The owners' feedback notes the following advantages:

  • good quality factory sharpening;
  • comfortable handle, the lining on it does not allow the hand to slip;
  • thoughtful arrangement of the peg to open the knife with one hand;
  • blade steel makes it easy to grind it;
  • quality assembly;
  • it does not apply to cold weapons, and it does not require special permission;
  • availability of a hole for the lambskin;The
  • clip can have four positions;
  • reasonable ratio "price-quality";
  • exactly on the center is a blade, the liner comes to the beginning of the heel.

Features of

There are some features specific to this model. Knife "Rat" is equipped with a one-sided peg, but if necessary it can be rearranged. The mechanism itself works flawlessly and clearly. The move is smooth, without play. The knife opens with a pleasant click sound. knife rat reviews

The ball of the liner reliably keeps the blade in the closed position. No surprises, the knife is fully insured against spontaneous opening. He can be worn without fear in the pockets of his trousers. The blade itself is moderately blunt, it is easy to sharpen and reign.

Those who use the knife say that the nylon pads are pleasant to the touch, thanks to the texture they do not slide in the hand. Minimal corrugation of the material does not cause discomfort from the excessively rough surface. The knife lies firmly in the hand and comfortable.

Four clip positions add convenience to the knife. It can be rearranged to any convenient position or completely removed. As some drawback note the tightness of the clip. The feeling of solidity of the handle arises from five pairs of bolts, with which the plate is pulled together. Absolute stiffness of the structure: nothing dangles, bends, does not play.

Ontario RAT Model II

Ontario Knife does not stand still. Each year, in addition to the classic variants of knives, the company's assortment is replenished with new models. The knife Ontario Rat Folder Model I was no exception. Ontario RAT Model II entered the market.

Model specifications:

  • weight - 77.6 grams;
  • total length in the open state - 178 mm;
  • blade length - 75 mm;
  • The thickness of the handle is 11 mm.

Everything is slightly smaller, thinner and lighter, but the quality is at the highest level. The original color range of delicate pink color translates the knife into a category of glamorous accessory. He will not cut his eye in a handbag, peacefully getting along with lipstick and a compact. Many representatives of the fair sex choose such a convenient tool for personal use when satisfying small domestic needs. rat knife

There is also a black version, perfectly suitable for men. The small size and lightness of the knife will make it easy to carry it in the pockets of your pants or jacket. It will not arouse suspicion among law enforcement officers, it will help to open a parcel or sharpen a pencil.

In appearance, the knives differ only in size. Everything else: the quality of assembly, sharpening, materials, of which the second version of the knife is made - is in no way inferior to the first model.

With such a small knife it is much more convenient to peel potatoes or an apple, the hilt comfortably lies in the hand, is more clearly controlled.

Manufacturers have expanded the choice of color and added a dark green, orange and brown shades.

The knife serves us faithfully from the Stone Age. It is unlikely that someday humanity will abandon this simple tool. No supernovae technologies and inventions can replace the simple pleasure to clean fresh fish on the riverbank and weld them to her ear or show her son how to build a hut for hunting overnight from one's knives.

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