The standard size of the foam block. Foamblocks for building a house

In the modern world, the construction of a house or other real estate is an expensive process that not everyone can do. Today, to at least reduce the costs for it, apply foam blocks. This building material is becoming more popular and in demand due to a number of its advantages.

dimensions of the foam block

Advantages and features of the building material

The foam blocks have several advantages:

  • A low price compared to other building materials used in construction. This makes it economical.
  • Can be used for the construction of residential buildings, agricultural facilities and other types of buildings. There is only one nuance, which should be taken into account - the limitation of height. It should be no more than 12 meters.
  • Has good thermal insulation and soundproof properties. In the winter it will provide warmth in the house, and in the summer coolness.
  • High quality.
  • Racks to any weather conditions: rain, snow, frost or burning sun. Do not crack, do not crack and do not absorb moisture. Therefore
    , cases of burning and rotting are excluded.
  • Long service life.

The dimensions of the foam block are significantly different from the brick. They are much more. Thanks to this, you can save time and effort spent on erecting the building. A porous structure makes it possible to easily perform any work in the house, for example, to drill a hole. This also allows the house to maintain a comfortable microclimate. It is equated with what is created in wooden buildings.

Stages of production

Make this building material according to the following scheme:

  • Mix the water and used foam concentrate on the appropriate equipment.
  • Then they put everything in a concrete mixing machine and add cement and sand that dissolve in the water.
  • Next, add foam. For five minutes, everything is mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained.
  • Pour the resulting mixture into molds.
  • Leave to harden.
  • It is taken from the molds and left for a day so that the structure of the foam block is fixed.

size of the foam block

What are foam blocks?

Foamblocks have a number of features and differences that should be considered when selecting them. So, the main ones are class and strength. They directly depend on the density. Its indicator is in different limits, and you can choose for each building its own. The size of the foam block also matters.

There are several types of foam blocks, differing in density, depending on their purpose:

  • for laying internal walls;
  • for external and load-bearing walls;
  • for thermal insulation.

The fact that the size of the foam block is several times higher than the standard brick makes its use even more profitable. Thus, not only the time required for construction is shortened, but also the appearance of the wall improves much: a minimum of seams and joints. It will take less solution to fix it.

dimensions of foam blocks for building a house

Dimensions of foam block

Manufacturers suggest choosing the size of the foam block, based on which building is being built, or the owner's preferences. To do this, perform a preliminary calculation. This takes into account the load and the characteristics of the building material. This will make the right choice.

The main factors that affect it are the width, length and thickness. The latter is most important when creating thermal insulation properties.

More recently, the size of the foam block( standard) was 200 x 200 x 400 mm. Thus, it was as close as possible to the usual silicate brick. But over time, manufacturers offered a different size of the foam block. The standard subsequently passed its positions. Now they lead to profit and savings. Nevertheless, there are times when traditional sizes become necessary.

What size should I use to build a residential house?

Today, such sizes of foam blocks for building a house as 600 x 300 x 200 mm have become more popular and in demand. And the weight of one is 25 kg. Such indicators give it high-quality thermal insulation properties, which are very important for the construction of houses.

types of foam blocks dimensions

The size of the foam blocks for building a house is calculated in advance. This allows you to clearly determine the required quantity and optimize the consumption of the material used.

How much are they?

So, foam blocks. Dimensions and prices are two interdependent components: the thicker and bigger - the more expensive.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of goods, which makes it affordable for all segments of the population. So, you can choose the cost that is right for you. In this case, it is necessary to take into account only the type of wall and the types of foam blocks, the dimensions of which are required. For external walls, the most favorable and convenient - 600 x 300 x 200 mm. If it is necessary to reduce noise insulation, then the length is increased by 100 mm.

The sizes of foam blocks for partitions are a little averaged, and it is necessary to check them for their application purposes. A special role in their use is played by the professionalism of specialists who will perform the work. Since they determine the thickness of the layer of fastener material.

sizes of foam blocks for partitions

For standard sizes, a fixed price is fixed:

  • For walls, basically, it is equal to 2200 rubles per one cube.m. Hence it turns out, for one thing you will need to pay about 80 rubles.
  • For partitions - a little expensive, 2300 rubles per 1 cu.m.

How to calculate the required quantity of

When calculating and calculating the quantity, it is necessary to take into account the main point: an increase in the calculation of the value for corrections, since in some cases it is necessary to adjust and slightly adjust the dimensions of the building material. This is all caused by the peculiarities of the building. It will also be necessary to attend the percentage of the damaged foam block. This figure is an average of 5%.Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a quantity of foam block with a margin. Approximately more by 10%.

To do this, perform the following calculations:

  • Determine how much is required in one row of blocks. To do this, the perimeter of the house is divided by the length of the block.
  • Then it is calculated how many rows of the block will be. The height of the planned building is divided into the height or width of the blocks.
  • The first and second values ​​are multiplied.

Types of foam blocks, the sizes of which are known in advance, make it possible to calculate them. Just a few simple steps - and get the exact figure that determines the amount of necessary building material and what is better to use in this case.

foam blocks sizes and prices

How to deliver foam blocks?

It is not possible to transport the foam blocks with your car. Therefore, a special one is used, on which they are loaded, packed on pallets. These devices can continue to be used and are subject to return to the outlet. Otherwise, they will have to pay a certain amount.

The use of a foam block is most beneficial and expedient. It is perfect for its quality and price for any construction. It is not difficult to acquire them, as in every city there are a large number of companies that deal with this issue.

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