Sheepdog Asian: character, description, care and feedback of dog breeders

Central Asian Shepherd, or Alabai - one of the most extraordinary dogs on our planet. A domestic pet, appearing with you in public, will always cause a storm of surprise and delight. Shepherd Asian impresses with her exotic appearance, size and deep, penetrating and, most importantly, reasonable sight. On the one hand, this animal is a classic Molossian dog, however, on the other hand, it has some elusive difference from the rest of the brethren.


History of the breed

The breed of the Central Asian Shepherd, also known as the Turkmen Wolfhound or Alabai, has existed for four millennia. These animals lived in a vast territory that stretched from Afghanistan to the Southern Urals and from China to the Caspian Sea. The Asian Shepherd Dog in its family tree has herding dogs of various nomadic tribes, fighting dogs of Mesopotamia, as well as ancient Tibetan mastiffs. These clever huge dogs for many millennia have played the role of wonderful human helpers. The Asian Shepherd, whose character has al

ways been very accommodative, protected cattle, dwellings and wandering caravans. Thoroughbred dogs of this breed in Turkmenistan are considered neither more nor less a national treasure, and their export from the country is strictly forbidden.

Asian Shepherd: character, description of the breed

Undoubtedly, this giant dog, which possesses an innate instinct to protect, needs a special approach to education and attitudes in general. Firstly, before you decide on this breed, potential owners should think about whether they will be able to cope with this large animal purely physically.

Do not forget that the Asian Shepherd( Alabai) - a breed with a complex character. These dogs are proud, independent, self-confident and sometimes self-willed. Sheepdog Asian - an animal that is fully capable of independent decision-making. Because of this, the dog will execute the commands only if it really becomes aware of their necessity.

Asian Shepherd is, unquestionably, a strong personality. In order to properly raise a puppy, you will need to stock up on a lot of patience, perseverance and love. Do not forget that by nature the Asian Shepherd is a schooling dog. Therefore, it is typical for her to take the highest position in the flock or in the family.

Asian Shepherd Dog Character


The patience of the dog to other family members is average. Asiatic shepherd, as a rule, is so friendly with household members, as far as her phlegmatic nature allows. The dog of this breed is quite friendly to children, but they must always explain that the animal should not be hurt. Otherwise, the friendship will end very quickly and deplorably.


Asian Shepherds are the owners of a good intellect. Their development is at the level of children of two to three years of age. However, there is one feature in Alabai that can create a false impression of the intellectual characteristics of this dog: she thinks for a very long time.

Despite this quality, the Asian Shepherd is an animal that is far from stupid, although the first impression can be reversed. Their closest relatives - Caucasian sheep-dogs - Alabai are superior intellectually. Therefore, the behavior of these dogs is dictated not by instincts, but rather by reason.

It can not be overlooked that precisely this feature of the breed can create certain problems regarding obedience and obedience: the Central Asian Shepherd is inclined to make a decision on his own. That is why a stupid, empty or simply illogical demand of the owner of a dog is unlikely to fulfill.

asian shepherd puppy

Training and physical activities

A professional trainer is simply necessary for Alabai."Universal" for this role is categorically not suitable. It is necessary to select a specialist who would be well acquainted with the nature of the character and temperament of this breed. In addition, indisputably, the Asian Shepherd will need regular long walks, as well as intense physical activity.

Asian Shepherd: puppies. How to choose them?

When you decide that you buy an Alabai puppy, you should be prepared for the complexities that will inevitably arise in the process of keeping, training and rearing this breed. In addition, you should be aware that the care of such a dog requires considerable financial costs.

Asian Shepherd Dog Nursery

For example, if you are going to feed your dog with natural products, you should know that the rate of meat consumption for a bough Alabai is about 700 grams per day. Of course, that for the dog this rate is even greater. In addition, the Central Asian Shepherd needs a professional trainer, and the cost of such professionals is more than a little big.

The owner of Alabai should be in great physical shape and have a lot of power to cope with the huge mass of the animal. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the Central Asian Shepherd has a difficult nature, the upbringing of which will certainly require the strong-willed qualities of the dog owner.

The next step is to determine the sex of the animal. The dogs of the Central Asian Shepherd are not so mobile, but they are more self-confident than bitches. The male, having acquired his place in the pack or in the family, is not inclined to break the hierarchy, and the bitches of this breed will always strive to take the leading position. Bitches are more persistent and cunning, whereas males have more strength and power.

Asian Shepherd Dog

The pugnacity of the Asian Shepherd's floors is on the same level. The male retreats when he realizes that the enemy is surrendering and releases him. But the female Alabayev fight often ends with the death of one of the rivals.

The optimal age of the puppy is 2 months. Alabayev is best to begin to adapt to the new conditions and, of course, educate at this age.

Where to buy a thoroughbred dog?

If you decide to buy a puppy, then you will certainly have a question about where to buy thoroughbred alabai. You can buy an animal on the bird market, but you will not have evidence that this is an Asian Shepherd. The cattery will be ready to give you a puppy for 15-40 thousand rubles. Naturally, the breed of an animal that was purchased in a special institution will be documented. In addition, the puppy will have the right to participate in various competitions and exhibitions.

Care and maintenance of

Dogs of the breed Central Asian Shepherd or Alabai may well be kept in the apartment. But it is worth remembering that in this case, the animal just needs fresh air and long walks.

Middle Asian Shepherd Dog

Place for alabai is better to equip away from furniture, batteries and drafts. It is desirable that it was in the quietest part of the house. The Central Asian Shepherd's lodge should be covered with a rug or cloth, which will be easy to clean. A mattress is not recommended as a litter for a dog, as it is, firstly, unhygienic, and secondly, it can pamper an animal.

Apartment Alabai should be strolled at least two times a day. A walk should not take less than an hour. Puppies of the Central Asian Shepherd walk about three to four times a day. During each walk on the dog there should be a muzzle and a long leash. To lower an animal from a lead it is possible exclusively on a special platform for a walking which is fenced with a fence or a grid.

The main quality of the collar is strength. For adults of the Central Asian Shepherd dog, a two-layer leather collar with a width of 3-4 cm and a length of 40-60 cm is perfectly suitable.

It is recommended to clean the room in which the dog lives daily. The floor should be wiped with a damp cloth, and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to wash the rug on which the dog sleeps once a week. Clean the pet itself every day with a special brush. Before cleaning, the dog should be examined: the ears, mouth, eyes, nose, hair and paws. Eyes and ears cleaned with a damp cotton pad. Asiatic Shepherd Alabai

To bathe your pet should be no more than once a month. Washing is done with a special shampoo. When the pet takes a bath, his coat should be wiped dry with a towel. Is not forbidden and drying with a hairdryer.

Training of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

You can train your pet at the age of 3-5 months. The process should involve all family members. The duration of training should be at least 10-20 minutes a day.

It is worth remembering that the Central Asian Shepherd is extremely touchy and vindictive, so screaming when training or beating a dog is unacceptable.

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