Camphor oil for the face

According to statistics, approximately 70% of people aged 13 years or older complain of increased fatiness of the facial skin, which leads to various problems. The most common of these is the appearance of acne, which arises from the clogging of pores and the development of subcutaneous inflammatory processes. Therefore, oily skin requires special care with the use of drying and anti-inflammatory drugs. They include, in particular, camphor oil, which has long been used very successfully in cosmetology.

Use camphor oil for facial skin

In its pure form, camphor oil should be used in those cases of when you want to not only normalize the sebaceous glands but also to get rid of small age wrinkles. For mornings and evenings, you should wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in camphor. At the same time, the skin should be cleaned of cosmetics, otherwise the oil will simply prove to be ineffective. Igo surplus after application on the face can be removed with a regular paper towel. In thi

s case, for several hours you need to refrain from rinsing your face with water.

Camphoric Acne Oil

For those who want to get rid of acne. It should be mixed in equal proportions camphor, black cumin oil and milk thistle. Sometimes a bit of grape seed oil is added to the product, which also has drying and antiseptic properties. Such an oily cocktail very effectively cleans pores of sebaceous plugs, removes inflammation and promotes the early healing of wounds that remain after acne. Also, this remedy helps restore skin smoothness and elasticity, helps to get rid of characteristic scars, which often occur after the treatment of acne. This oil mixture is recommended to apply on the face before going to bed, after removing the makeup. The skin should be lubricated with plenty of oil and wait a few minutes until it is absorbed well. Remains of the mixture are easily removed with a paper towel, after which the skin acquires a special softness and elasticity. Even if it has a characteristic greasy sheen, do not worry about it. By morning, thanks to the active substances contained in camphor oil, it completely disappears. If this compound is used regularly, then after 7-10 days from acne there will be no trace.

Nourishing camphor mask from camphor oil

Camphor can be useful in cases where you want to restore dry and weather-beaten skin, which is constantly peeling and covered with red spots at the slightest burst of cold wind. In this case, before bedtime, apply a face mask consisting of 1 tablespoon of sour cream and 0.5 teaspoon of camphor oil .This mixture has not only nutritious and softening, but also regenerating properties. In a few minutes after its application, the itch and sensation of increased dryness of the epidermis will disappear on the face, and in half an hour the regeneration processes will start in the body, thanks to which you will again look young and flawless. Now it remains only to carefully remove the mask with a cotton swab and wipe the face with hydrogen peroxide. This procedure is recommended several times a week. With serious problems with the face to help this restoring mask can be resorted to daily.

Whitening face mask

Pigmented spots and freckles give many women a lot of problems and make them look for a universal way of whitening their face. Meanwhile, this effect can be achieved in just a few procedures if you apply a mixture of 0.5 teaspoon camphor oil and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil to the skin of .The mask is designed for 10-15 minutes, after which the face should be wiped with a cotton disc. Remains of the mixture can be easily removed with a slice of fresh cucumber, which will not only fix the whitening effect, but also give the skin a special softness, elasticity and elasticity.

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