How to remove gel nails

Nail extensions in our days are quite popular cosmetic procedure. However, for various reasons over time, women still decide to get rid of artificial marigolds. And then they are trapped by a very unpleasant surprise, as it turns out that for such a pleasure in the salon also need to pay. It is for this reason that owners of gel nails often decide to remove them on their own. After that, they usually regret very much, because they do not face the perfect manicure for the next few months. The most common problem is damage to the nail plates .As a result, natural marigolds begin to separate, become brittle and brittle. Many women are convinced that the reason lies in the gel patches, but this is not so.if you remove artificial nails with all the necessary requirements, then in the future you can avoid a lot of problems.

Removing nails extruded

To remove gel nails at home, you will need tweezers and two nail files - abrasive( with a fairly large grain) and polishing. First, it is necessar

y, with the help of tweezers, to carefully trim the gel patches to their junction with natural nails. Thanks to this, the subsequent procedure, related to gel stitching, will be much simpler. Do not try to pick off the artificial lining using sharp objects, this will only damage the nail plates, leaving them with nicks, streaks and scratches. In order to carefully remove the gel, you should acquire patience and arm yourself with an abrasive nail file. With its help it is necessary to process every nail, millimeter by millimeter cut from its surface soft patch. However, in this issue, still do not zealous, the current as, carried away, you can sew and the upper part of the natural nail. Ideally, you need to leave the weight of a thin layer of gel, which protects the nail from damage.

When the gel patches are removed in such a simple way, it takes about 15-20 minutes, you need to use the polishing nail file and process it with each nail. This simple tool allows you to very carefully remove from the nail plates the remnants of the gel, without causing any harm. Moreover, with the help of a polishing nail file it is possible to beautify the surface of the nails by removing the small roughness and tubercles that are unavoidable if you even took a few weeks with gel patches.

In general, the procedure for getting rid of gel nails at home takes no more than half an hour. However, this does not mean that you can immediately start to manicure. Conversely, should not be done in any way in the next 2-3 weeks, since nails require the recharge and strengthening of .For the beginning they can be greased with usual vegetable oil, carefully having processed cuticles. When the oil is absorbed, it is necessary to take a flannel rag or a piece of suede, and once again polish the nails. In salons, this procedure is called sealing, as the oil penetrates into the upper layer of the nail plate, protecting it from subsequent stratification. At the minimum necessary procedures for nail care after removing artificial gel pads, you should also include baths with essential oils or salt, as well as hot oil wraps and compresses. In addition, daily it is necessary to use a nutritious hand cream, which has excellent restorative properties. When the marigolds get stronger and grow back, it is necessary to carefully treat them with a nail file, after which you can do a manicure, not forgetting that at least once every two weeks the nail plates should be rest, relieving them of varnish for at least a few days.

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