Longitudinal strips on nails

It is said that a person's age is determined not by his face, but by his hands. And nails in this respect are one of the main indicators. Their condition reflects not only the health problems, but also the age-related changes taking place in the body. So, if you have longitudinal strips on the nail plates, then it's time to think about your biological age .However, similar defects can be found in fairly young people, which indicates all sorts of pathologies. Anyway, many want to get rid of such strips. But in order to do this, you need to identify the source of the problems.

Why do the nails have longitudinal strips?

The most common cause is age, and after 50 years, longitudinal strips on the nail plates are considered quite normal. It should immediately be stipulated that in this case it will not be possible to completely get rid of them. But you can still make them less noticeable. The second reason is related to the trauma of the cuticle - a soft border in the nail hole. It is under

it that the nail is formed, and if the inside of the cuticle has an uneven "torn" structure, then strips can not be avoided.

Among the fairly common factors, due to which longitudinal strips may appear on the nails, it is worth noting the incorrect nutrition, , the lack in the body of such important substances as zinc, iron or vitamin B12 .In addition, longitudinal grooves on the nails can be the result of serious problems with the digestive system and, in particular, with the intestines.

Physicians managed to identify the regularity between the longitudinal strips on the nails and the disability of the endocrine system .Such a cosmetic defect is often found in people with excess weight. However, the matter in this case is not the insufficiently complete breakdown of fats, but the poor digestibility of carbohydrates, the excess of which in the body can cause the formation of longitudinal strips on the nail plates. Also, such a defect may indicate the presence of cutaneous or fungal diseases, impaired spinal cord functions or central nervous system lesions. Therefore, consultation with an experienced doctor in the presence of longitudinal strips on the nails is simply necessary.

It is proved that with a similar problem of women are faced much more often than men of .This is explained, paradoxically, by regular and thorough care of the nails. A typical manicure, if you use a low-quality lacquer, can lead to such unpleasant consequences from an aesthetic point of view. Also, stripes occur in those women who regularly increase their nails or, worse, use pads. Nail plate for all its strength and elasticity is still quite sensitive to external influences, and the response in the form of longitudinal strips on its side is quite natural phenomenon.

How to get rid of long strips on nails

If you managed to find out the causes of the problem, then eliminate its consequences will not be difficult. With a lack of useful substances in the body, you should balance the diet, and with an excess of carbohydrates - exclude from the diet, buns, cakes and cakes. In the presence of diseases, you can get rid of streaks on the nails only if you can completely overcome the disease and restore health. As for cosmetic procedures, in this case it is necessary to refuse at least for a while from nail extensions and get rid of substandard hand care products that can also become a source of problems.

Of course, it will take a long time to remove strips by these methods. In those cases where the result must be obtained immediately, one should resort to the aid of polishing and polishing the nails. To do this, it is best to seek the help of an experienced manicurist who will help you put your hands in order and repair the defect.

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