How to get rid of burrs

Every person has hangnails on their fingers from time to time. This happens when the skin near the nails bursts and starts to "peel off" in thin strips. They constantly cling to clothes, hair and various objects that cause pain. In addition, burrs can bleed and become inflamed. When they appear, even the most stylish and fashionable manicure loses its appeal, because all the attention to yourself is attracted not by marigolds with bright lacquer, but by the reddened skin around them that can look simply ugly.

Why do hangnails appear?

Usually the reason for this problem is rather trivial and is connected with the fact that, doing everyday housework, we do not bother ourselves with protecting hands from various chemicals. Even in harmless, at first glance, dishwashing liquids can contain substances that negatively affect the state of the epidermis. What can I say about more potent detergents, which contain alkalis and acids? Another common cause of burrs is directly related to our diet. The lack

of vitamins and trace elements often leads to the fact that the skin around the nails becomes thinner. It is enough to increase the load on the problem areas a little, as microcracks are formed, which are the first step to the appearance of the burrs.

Third place in the list of reasons for their occurrence is poor quality manicure, if you yourself handle the nails and cut the skin around them, then the slightest negligence can cause the formation of burrs. A similar effect is achieved when you constantly chew your nails and damage the epidermis with your teeth.

How to deal with burrs at home?

To begin with, you need to give up bad habits and organize a normal, nutritious diet. The third point, which should always be done, is to find an experienced manicurist. Any expert in this field will tell you that if the burrs appear on the fingers every six months, then there is nothing to worry about. But when the hands are "decorated" by them constantly, then without treatment and special cosmetic procedures in this case can not do. Of course, you can always make masks and baths for the hands of the house, but here the removal of burrs, which are constantly clinging to everything, is best entrusted to a professional. In any case, you are guaranteed to get rid of unpleasant sensations and will be able to start restoring the skin around your fingers.

For these purposes it is necessary to acquire a good nutritious cream with antiseptic and healing properties. Lubricate their hands, at least twice a day, to provide the skin with reliable protection from external factors. However, one can hardly do with one cream, and in this case will receive hot baths with sea salt( 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) of to which several drops of essential oil should be added. This composition perfectly softens the skin of the hands, makes it elastic and elastic. In addition, this bath has excellent healing properties. Doing it in the evenings( the procedure should take no more than 5-7 minutes), you can completely get rid of burrs within 10 days.

When the skin around the nail plates is very inflamed, it is worth using aloe or calanchoe juice, which should be rubbed into the wound several times a day. Thanks to this simple procedure, they very quickly heal and the hangnails completely disappear. If the skin of the hands itself is very dry, then it is worth daily to rub a little olive oil into it, which is preheated to + 40-45 degrees. This simple procedure also helps to get rid of the burrs.

The most exotic folk remedies for the treatment of burrs

Our grandmothers very successfully got rid of the burrs of with the help of cod .Fresh fish should be placed in a small saucepan, pour water and boil, not adding salt and spices. After that, with tersk, you could do whatever you want. But the fish broth was slightly cooled, and the fingertips were immersed in it for 10-15 minutes. One procedure was enough to forget for a long time about the existence of burrs.

In summer, when all sorts of vegetables ripen in the beds, you can use green tomatoes to treat the burrs. One medium-sized fruit should be cut in half, and the internal juicy part to wipe the burrs. It should be immediately warned that the sensations will not be pleasant, since in green tomatoes there is a lot of acid. But it will help soften the skin around your fingers and stop the inflammatory process. At the end of the procedure, hands should not be washed at all, and it is recommended to wrap the fingers of burdock with the burdock leaves for several hours. After this procedure, you will be surprised to notice that the pain has passed, the redness has almost completely disappeared, and the burrs do not bother you anymore.

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