Masks with lemon for nails

Lemon In the beriberi period, our nails are always very weak. After winter, they are thin, fragile and puffy. In order for nails to be healthy and strong, it is necessary to nourish them.

If you want to have beautiful nails, but do not want to bother and spend big money on procedures in beauty salons, then you can pamper your nails with a bath of sea salt and lemon at home.

Any specialist in nails will tell you that the lemon is very useful for the health and beauty of nails. This is practically one of the most indispensable products for these purposes. It strengthens and whitens the nail plate. But do not forget that entering into citrus fruit acids can irritate the skin around the nail. Therefore, take care that during the procedure you do not have any open wounds in these places.

And lemon is a very effective tool, so do not use it every day - once a week is enough.

Means for effective strengthening of nails

1. You will need: lemon, sea( or iodized) salt .Mix 2 tbsp.l.freshly

squeezed lemon juice with two pinch of sea or iodized salt. All should be carefully mixed and applied to the nails. Hold the product for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

This is a great tool for strengthening and whitening nails.

2. To nourish your nails with the necessary vitamins, you must prepare the nutrient from lemon and honey .Mix in equal proportions honey and lemon juice. For example, 1 tsp.honey and 1 tsp.lemon. Mix everything well and apply the mixture on the nail plates. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse the mixture with nails with warm water. In the end, smear your hands with the nourishing cream that you usually use.

After regular application of this product, the nails will cease to separate and get a natural shine.

3. This mask strengthens the growth of nails and makes them stronger. Do it every other day if your nails are in poor condition. For prevention it is enough to apply it once every 1-2 weeks.

You will need: a hand cream( which you have) - 1 tsp, lemon - 1-2 tsp, iodine - 0.5 tsp.and vitamin A( in droplets) - 0.5 tsp.

Add lemon juice and vitamin A to your hand cream. Mix everything thoroughly. Add iodine to the mixture and stir well again. Next, take the cotton swab and with it, apply the product to the nail plates, carefully apply them. Mask on the nails need to keep 15-20 minutes.

The mask can be stored for 2 weeks in a dark dry place( not in the refrigerator).

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