Cyclamen: leaves turn yellow

Cyclamen is an unpretentious plant, however, due to improper care, leaves often turn yellow. If you do not take care of the flower in time and correct the situation, it can die.

Why yellow leaves in the cyclamen

Especially if the is the cause of the problems associated with the overflow of - too abundant and frequent moistening of the soil. If this happens, then you need to reduce watering up to 1 time a week, even if you notice that the upper layer of the substrate in the flowerpot dries out. In addition, the yellowed leaves and stems should be cut off immediately. The thing is that because of the increased moisture in cyclamen almost always develop fungal diseases that affect the leaves, causing their yellowness. To stop the development of the disease and protect even healthy parts of the flower from the fungus, the damaged leaf should be carefully trimmed. If these measures of combating yellowness do not help, then the plant should be transplanted, not forgetting at the same time t

he drainage, which should occupy not less than a third of the pot.

The second common cause of yellowing the leaves of the cyclamen is the violation of the temperature regime of .If in summer the plant tolerates the heat quite well, then in winter it becomes quite stale in a stuffy and too warm room. Leaves first turn yellow, then fall off, and eventually a flower can die in a few weeks. To avoid this, you need to remove the cyclamen away from the heaters in a cooler place. True, do not forget that this flower is very fond of the sun, so if you carry the vase from the cyclamen from the window sill to the cupboard or shelf, you need to take care of additional lighting. In the case when it is not possible to provide the correct wintering for the flower, it is possible to resort to the old and proven method, completely stopping watering the plant after it has faded. In a few weeks the cyclamen will completely dry up, but it will not die, since its roots have the ability to accumulate moisture. Then the vase with the plant should be wrapped around the newspaper, creating a kind of house, and send to spring in the basement or pick up for the flower another, dark and cool place. In the spring, the flowerpot should be placed in a well-lit place and watered abundantly in the first few days. About a week later, young cyclamen shoots will appear, strong and healthy.

If, despite compliance with all the rules for flower care, its leaves continue to turn yellow, then should strengthen the fertilization of the plant , using for this purpose complex fertilizers.

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