Processing of pepper seeds before sowing

Processing of pepper seeds before sowing The successful cultivation of peppers begins with the selection and preparation of seeds. If at this stage something goes wrong, then it will be difficult to correct the situation. When growing paddy seedlings, the timing is very important: it is necessary to sow at a certain time, so that the seedlings are ready for transplantation to a greenhouse or to open ground by the right date. The delay due to the non-germination of seeds, their long germination at best will lead to a loss of time and energy, and at worst you can not have time to harvest - this applies to the northern regions, where you have to meet in the short summer.

Experienced vegetable growers have many recipes for seed preparation, which help to preserve or improve the quality of planting material, to give some guarantees for a successful season. The importance of treating the seeds of pepper before sowing clearly demonstrates the figures: without seed treatment can not rise up to two weeks, sometimes a little more, and the

treated ones begin to peck for 1-3 days , a significant time saving, is not it? In addition, it is immediately apparent how much seedlings will end up, and if they are not enough, promptly sow another batch.

Before starting the treatment it is necessary to select healthy and strong from all the seeds of .It is quite easy to do this. For the quality test take water at room temperature and table salt, make a 3% solution, pour into a bowl and lower the seeds. After 5-10 minutes it will become clear if you have got good seeds: empty and unsuitable for reproduction will float on the surface, and the good ones will sink to the bottom. They are removed, washed from the salt and put aside for processing.

Seed treatment can be carried out both to accelerate their germination and to disinfect. It happens that seedlings or adult papilla bushes are dying, the cause is beginning to be searched in the ground, the violation of agricultural technology, and the case was in infected seeds.

Modern preparations are low-toxic, based on biologically active substances and are safe for humans. Seeds of pepper can be decontaminated with soaking in a solution of Phytosporin, Trichodermin, Albit, Bakgofit, Alirin-B.Also, in the old fashion, you can use all the known potassium permanganate. But do not make a mistake, you can put only the already swollen seeds in the manganese solution, then the drug can penetrate deep into the seed. If you soak dry seed seeds in manganese, then there will be no sense. Only 20-30 minutes are enough for processing.

To accelerate the germination of seeds of pepper , to stimulate future plants, to strengthen their immunity can be with the help of such drugs as Epin, EcoGel, Novosil and others like that. Drugs should be used clearly according to the instructions, you can reapply it when sprouts will appear, it will do them good.

Several days before sowing, the seeds can be treated with a complex fertilizer, the microelements will provide the seeds with good nutrition, which will greatly accelerate the growth of seedlings and make it stronger. Seeds are soaked from 12 hours to 24 hours in a diluted fertilizer, and then simply dried without rinsing them.

By the way, some manufacturers independently carry out the processing of seeds and sell them already prepared , the seeds have a protective shell, under which there is food, and means for fighting pests and diseases. Such seeds can not be soaked in anything, it will only harm them, destroy the protection - read the information on the
package of seeds.

Well-proven wood ash, it contains more than 30 active substances, it has a disinfecting property, so it is used for seed treatment. Two tablespoons of ashes are dissolved in a liter of water, the night insists, the seeds are put in a bag, placed in a solution and soaked for 6 hours. It is not necessary to wash them.

To wake seeds for treatment or to germinate their soak in warm water for 5 hours .After they are put in a paper napkin, wrapped in a bag and put in a warm place. It is not necessary to use gauze or cotton wool for germination of seeds, tender shoots are tangled in fibers and are traumatized.

Seeds of pepper are very small and without moisture they dry up easily. Sowing is produced only in the moist soil, which after sowing is continued to be mildly watered, so that it does not dry out. The germination of the seeds of pepper depends strongly on the shelf life, the highest values ‚Äč‚Äčeven without any treatments will be in one-year-old seeds. The older the planting material, the lower its germination.

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