How to wean a child at night

A newborn baby needs regular and nutritious meals. And, to feed the baby is necessary with an interval of several hours. Therefore it is not surprising that young mothers experience some discomfort when they need to approach the child's bed several times a night to give him a breast or a bottle with a nutritious mixture. It is believed that in the first 4-5 months of life the baby should at least receive food twice a night, and this is quite normal .Subsequently, night feeding can be reduced to one time, provided that the child will not require food. However, in the second year of life the baby still needs to wean from the habit of eating at night. And not only because it gives adults some discomfort. The thing is that over time the baby goes on solid food, which creates an additional burden for the digestive system. If the stomach will work at night in a strengthened mode, then the risk of all kinds of diseases will increase significantly. To avoid this, and also to prevent the baby from havi

ng problems with metabolism and overweight, it is necessary to wean him from the habit of eating at night.

How to disaccustom a child to eat at night

There are many ways to do this, however practice shows that it is best to use a combined approach. To begin with, you should make it a good idea to feed your child well before bedtime. And, it does not matter what age the baby is, since this applies to both babies and preschool children. Dense and hearty supper for 1,5-2 hours before sleep - an excellent preventive against eating habits at night. Especially if you are preparing your child's favorite dishes. However, it is not necessary to be zealous in this matter, and even more so, it is not necessary to force the child to gorge on for the future, pushing everything into him. Benefits of this still will not be, and the habit of enjoying delicacies at night the baby will not be lost. Supper should be usual, but enough high-calorie, that after it the child very soon began to sleep. Now it remains only to put him in the crib and wait for the results of the experiment. If the baby will sleep sweetly until the morning and does not disturb you with his crying or with requests to make a sandwich, you can safely take this method of fighting food at night in armaments.

However, it should be borne in mind that children, as a rule, fall asleep very early, and by midnight their body completely digests the food received, and the brain receives a signal that it is time to refresh. In this case, you can resort to another trick, and to feed the child before you go to bed .It is not at all necessary to prepare raznosoly for these purposes. If it is a child under the age of 1 year, then he can offer juice or compote in a bottle. Older children should warm up a little milk, give kefir or yogurt - i.e.light dietary products that perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger, but do not create an additional burden on the gastrointestinal tract. However, in order to feed the child, it will have to be awakened. And then it's up to you to decide what to sacrifice - it or your dream. After all, if you do not take such preventive measures, then in the middle of the night the child will certainly demand to eat, and then you will have to say goodbye to a warm bed to feed him.

Another universal method of fighting nasal food, which is suitable for the smallest, is that instead of eating give them in the middle of the night a bottle of pure water .There will be no harm from it, but the illusion of saturation will appear, and the child will be able to sleep peacefully. In addition, children who have not yet learned to ask for a potty themselves should wear waterproof reusable diapers at night so that the baby does not wake up after emptying the bladder or the intestines. Otherwise, after waking up and changing panties, you will certainly have to feed it, which will significantly complicate the process of weaning from a night meal.

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