From what age can a child beetroot

Pediatricians recommend injecting vegetable mashed potatoes into the baby's food from six months on. As a rule, first of all the baby gets acquainted with potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and zucchini. As for beets, it is allowed to give babies a little later. When and in what form, you will learn right now.

When you can give a child beets

Beetroot contains a lot of vitamins, including B12, B1, B2, C, P, PP, a large number of macro and microelements necessary for the baby, in particular iodine, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus,magnesium, as well as fiber and organic acids. In addition to the specified in the beet, as in most root crops, there is a significant amount of dangerous substances( ammonium salts, amides, nitrates and nitrites), it absorbs them like a sponge from the ground. In order to remove them from the kidneys of children, you have to work hard. That is why beet pulp can be introduced into the diet of children who reached the age of eight months .

How to inject beets int
o the baby's ration

After you feed the baby with vegetable puree, in which one of the ingredients is boiled beet( by the way, beets in the dish should not be more than 30%), watch the reaction of the child's body. The fact is that the beetroot is an allergen, therefore if the skin has rashes or the stool has changed, then for some time it will be necessary to exclude the root crop from the baby's diet. However, even if the organism of your crumbs has perfectly adopted a new product, do not forget that the daily portion of beet for children under one year should not exceed 12 teaspoons of .It will not be superfluous to know that the beetroot can not be left out because during heating it forms nitrites that are dangerous to the child. As for beet juice, it is not recommended to give it in its pure form. Start with a few drops diluted in water, after the concentration of juice can be increased to 50%.

It is simply impossible to overestimate the use of beets for children. It helps with constipation, reduces nervous excitability, is effective for anemia .In the list of properties of root crops, the ability to lower blood pressure is listed, and given that the children are considered slightly under pressure in order of the norm, the abuse of beetroot can lead to unpleasant consequences.

In conclusion of today's conversation, I want to say that if you decided to include beets in your baby's diet, it would not be out of place to consult a pediatrician, because, as you yourself could see, this root can not only benefit the child's body, but also harm.

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