Where does jealousy come from?

Where does jealousy come from? Jealousy probably was born with love. Poets and scientists of all times converge only in one statement, jealousy without love does not happen .

What is the influence of jealousy on relations between men and women? There is a category of people who do not even suspect the existence of this strange and absurd feeling, but there are pathological jealous people, ready to commit the most insane act in a fit of jealousy. There are several types of jealousy, from tyrannical to simple infringement of one's own dignity. Let's take a closer look at each manifestation of jealousy.

The tyrannical jealousy of occurs in people who are not inclined to compromise. By nature they are stubborn, self-satisfied and despotic. Such people are very demanding of others and control them in everything. All responsibility for the occurrence of problems in the family or the robot, they shift to others, not allowing even the thought of their own mistakes. This simply can not be, because ideal people do not make

mistakes - they adhere to themselves about this opinion. People with a penchant for tyrannical jealousy simply need the help of a psychologist, otherwise they will simply ruin the family relationships that have been built for years.

There is another option - jealousy from the infringement of .People with an apprehensive character tend to it. They often exaggerate their shortcomings, considering themselves weak and uninteresting. And from this insecurity, there is another feeling that eats them from within. These people are skeptical of praise in their address or a declaration of love. In every word they hear a dirty trick and, therefore, make unreasonable conclusions. They may look self-assured, but it's just a mask under which a vulnerable and sensitive person hides.

Let's try to find out, where does the jealousy of come from? There are several types of its occurrence.

First, there is, so-called, reversed jealousy of .That is, a person begins to panic jealous of his second half, only if he himself hides a love affair on the side. It seems to him that this is what his partner does in order to realize his sexual potential.

The second type of jealousy is born under the influence of lived years. Children see the betrayal of their parents, then at work they hear stories about broken-up marriages because of treason, as a result, a person develops the opinion that everyone "changes" and this is in the order of things.

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