Should I marry a foreigner?

Married to a foreigner Probably, immediately it is worth noting that foreigners in most cases are looking for a Russian bride, because nothing worthwhile can not find in their homeland. And there can be many reasons. Maybe it's not about the lack of worthy candidates, but about himself. A foreigner can be marginalized, for which none of his own simply does not want to go. And also it can be poor, terrible or greedy, the list can be continued. Think about it. And this can only be the first minus.

Usually, the overseas bridegrooms of have been married more than once, and if they were not, then this is probably an exception to the rule. But here the next question immediately arises. And why was not he married? Again, the reason is probably in some of its external or internal problems.

Let's note one more important moment which it is necessary to know, before to marry a foreigner. People who grow up and are brought up in one society have much in common. And this, in this case, is quite important. A lot of divor

ces are due to the fact that our women can not establish contact with their chosen one, and not because of reluctance, but in view of not finding common points of contact .And accordingly, if you marry a foreigner, you need to take into account and understand that you will have to fit in a new environment, get used to all the new, non-native language, and even, it would seem, to such a trifle as to new food. It should be realized that there are other value points there. Often, only after the passage of time it becomes possible to understand that your chosen is a stranger to you .And it happens too late.

Before you decide to publish your questionnaire on a dating site or not, you need to go to forums on which Russians themselves, who married a foreigner, , with what problems usually face our women abroad, tell in detail. And only after analyzing the information, take the next step.

But there is a marriage for a foreigner and its pluses .

For example, in most cases, overseas men do not change their wives so are unlikely to be disappointed in your choice for this reason. In the West, it is considered a low case. Therefore, to behave in a dishonorable way to their wife, they consider themselves beneath their dignity and usually appreciate kind-hearted family relations.

Another plus is that you can move to a well-groomed environment, where everything is in order, where nature and the urban world are next to each other. And you will never have to experience Russian discomfort.

And in conclusion we note that whatever the pros and cons were, if it's destiny to marry this person, then here is who he is any foreigner or his own. As it is written on the family, so be it.

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