How to return the former guy

The relationship between a man and a woman is full of difficulties and trials. So it is not easy to understand a loved one, forgive him for his mistakes, forget his grievances and live on. In love there can be many obstacles, some of them become fatal and lead to a break, but sometimes the termination of relationships does not mean that feelings have passed irrevocably. You quarreled a lot, decided to leave, some time passed, and love did not die out - how to be in that case? Certainly fight for their feelings, for their love, to try to return a person who is dear to the heart.

Many girls suffer alone, miss the ex-boyfriend and do not dare to start the operation "Return".And in vain, because in such a situation should not think about pride, do not cherish their pride, but mobilize all their capabilities and try to correct the current situation of .Success is waiting for one that is fully confident that without a former boyfriend, she can not be happy. If there are doubts, it's better not to tortu

re yourself or him, but let him go, leave and switch to a new relationship. Well, if time does not heal and every day it gets depressing, it's time to take drastic measures and return the former guy.

Of course, all relationships are unique, unique, but there are some universal tricks that can help a girl in this difficult task.

So, how to return the former guy

First thing you need is to do a detailed analysis of your past relationships. Disassemble all good and bad moments on the shelves, find the reasons. Try to look at the relationship not only with your bell tower, but also with the eyes of a former guy. There is one small nuance: if the problems were in misunderstanding each other, in reluctance to yield, to meet, to enter the position, then the probability of returning the guy is quite high. But if the reasons were more serious, for example, he changed, abused alcohol, dismissed his hands, it is unlikely in your power to change anything. Perhaps, it will turn out to be returned, but you will enter the same river - its behavior and attitude to you will remain the same. Think about whether you need to spend your time and youth on a person who does not love you and does not respect you. When you return a guy, you must understand that you will return it as before, it will not change. Do not rely on it or try to do it - there will not be any sense.

Having decided on the problems, write them on a piece of paper .Also write what the former guy did not like about you - follow his words, the claims that he voiced. Since reconciliation is necessary for you, then be aware that concessions will have to go to you. You must show not only a willingness to change for his sake, but also to demonstrate this process in action.

Let's say one of the problems in the relationship was your smoking, then, before you return the guy, you need to stop smoking. Do not try to cheat, deceive yourself and your beloved, you need to change really, and do not pretend. Or you did not cook anything for him except for scrambled eggs and sandwiches, it's time to learn how to bake pies, cook borscht and fry the meat.

It will not be superfluous to talk with his friends and close relatives of .Do not curl your soul, tell me honestly what is the purpose of your conversation. Ask for help from them, let them tell you what they thought were your mistakes and how you can improve. Of course, listening to this is unpleasant, perhaps not much of what is said will be true, but do not argue, do not prove anything and just collect the information in order to later use it for your own purposes. Those with whom you talked will be encouraged by your humility and willingness to change and will not later give up your help, help organize a meeting or say a word for you in front of a guy.

Do not hide your sadness, longing .In no case should one walk with swollen eyes, untidy and drooping, on the contrary, take care of yourself, put your appearance in order, but hypocritical bravado under the motto "I'm good without you" is not needed. You should behave decently, the slightest suspicion of your infidelity can have a negative impact on the guy's decision to return to you. It's good if you are in general places, companies. Lead yourself there exactly, do not make scenes, do not abuse alcohol, do not run away in tears. Extremely correct behavior and light, almost invisible, sadness will make you pay attention much more quickly than defiant actions. Do not stay late until late, go home before everyone else, but try to make sure that the guy knows a good reason - it hurts your head, wants to sleep, you need to prepare for exams, help your parents. It is important that he does not have doubts that you are going home, and not going for a walk or a date.

This, by the way, is a good excuse for him to take you home. Tell your friends that they are not in a hurry to help, hesitate before leaving, complain that it's dark and scary. Do not ask yourself - ask, just do it in person, and not at all in sight. So he will have less reason to refuse you, yet public opinion can not play in your favor.

If it does not work out, you need to arrange a meeting - going to nature, party, birthday, where you will be both. Nightclubs are bad for this approach - there he can start to flirt with the girls, demonstrate his indifference, you can not restrain himself and step back from the plan.

Staying alone in a conversational setting start operating .Show how you have changed: do not smoke or bring your cake to the festival - include fantasy. Tell me that you are bored, that you always remember the good things that happened between you. Remember this together, common positive memories are very close. Further, sound that you regret your mistakes, that now you have understood everything and realized that now you would not have done it for anything.
Ask forgiveness for this, let him see that you are sad from the fact that you once hurt him.

If the guy has a grudge, then he can start re-accusing you, saying unpleasant things - do not argue and do not give in on provocation. Just say that you are sorry and that it is still very dear to you.

After such a confidential conversation, you should have a friendly or friendly relationship. Next, with each meeting, continue to show yourself on the good side, let him see that you have become what he wanted.

Do not rush, wait time and be in his sight .As soon as the chance presents itself, arrange a romantic and ambiguous situation - invite to a slow dance or call home to help something set up on the computer. Here you will be helped by lessons of seduction and temptation. Act for sure, the second attempt you may not be. If you manage to get into his arms, then, most likely, you can think that they have returned the former guy.

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