What is love - cynical chemistry!

Chemistry of Love It is always difficult for people to be disappointed, to realize the falsity of what so much faith and hope was invested in. Most often, love disappointments destroy a part of our soul, as if the share of self is dying. Far from all can normally endure parting with an expensive person, sometimes this is the cause of personal destruction, degradation and even suicide. Is love worth so much, and what is its real price? Perhaps now we can finally answer this question by finding out what love really is .

Not so long ago, scientists came to the conclusion that love, in fact, is the result of chemical processes , which occurred in the body. In short, love is when there are certain substances in the blood. These substances give the person euphoria, their action is similar to the action of drugs. It is also proved that this "love elixir", like drugs, leads to addiction. This can easily explain the cause of love torment, which is nothing more than a break-up. Often, a person who has failed in love,

begins to fall into depression, he does not leave the thought of the "drug" - the object of love, which gives these feelings.

This explanation of love proves the futility of all love afflictions, gives love a cynical meaning, exposes the naive victims of the drug to all who have done a lot of stupid things because of love. Perhaps, this deeper understanding of the essence of love will help convince the fools of the vainness of such violent self-torture about the unfulfilled love. We need to more deeply and meaningfully determine for ourselves such important things as love, to find out what it is in fact and to treat them correctly.

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