How to get married

Almost every woman dreams of a happy family life, so at some point her husband's quest becomes a fix for her. Of course, under this category of hunters for the grooms do not fall young people who go under the aisle with their first school love, without thinking about how successful this marriage will be. But the experienced ladies who survived several turbulent novels, which, alas, never ended with Mendelssohn's march, to the issue of creating a family fit more soberly and rationally.

Undoubtedly, if you are in love, and the chosen one is free from marriage bonds and reciprocated, in most cases the issue of creating a family is solved sooner or later positively. But if there is no suitable candidate for the role of spouse, then do not despair. Take a closer look at the men who surround you - maybe one of them is not indifferent to you, and may well become your betrothed. Of course, is not the last role played by mutual feelings. But for those who are considering how to get married profitable and

successful, just do not rely on them .After all, the main thing is that you are loved, since this is a guarantee of conjugal happiness and a guarantee that the faithful is ready to happily take upon himself the burden of family life. Cynically? Of course! But real life is not a plot for a fashionable melodrama with a happy ending, although there are exceptions to any rule. Therefore, every woman should take care of her own family well-being, and feelings in this responsible business are far from being the best adviser. In a word, your marriage needs to be clearly planned and not to miss an opportunity, if a man shows interest to you and approaches the pre-determined parameters of a potential candidate for a spouse. And as for love, then in marriage it plays by no means a paramount role. After all, it is not without reason that the most durable and lasting alliances are concluded not by the call of the heart, but by calculation.

Where should I look for potential husbands?

If your environment does not have a worthy candidate for the role of spouse, this does not mean that you need to put a cross on the dream of a happy family. As is known, water does not flow under a lying stone, therefore it is necessary to take a number of measures to make the situation move from a dead center, and you, in the end result, were able to get married. The most ideal option is to visit people often, without turning into a hermit and a "blue stocking".Corporate holidays, birthdays of relatives and friends, departure with the company for nature - all this contributes to new acquaintances and the expansion of the list of candidates for husbands. If by nature you are a closed and non-comrade person, you can resort to the help of relatives and friends, asking them to find you an enviable groom.

However, if you want, you can use the services of a marriage agency, which, although they will cost a round sum, but give some guarantees regarding the decency of candidates for the role of spouse. Do not also refuse to continue street dating, although many ladies consider this way of searching for her husband banal, vulgar and unromantic. But if a man has expressed a desire to meet you in a cafe or at a bus stop, do not answer him with categorical refusal. It is likely that His Majesty Chance decided to intervene in your destiny, and you are the person who will eventually invite you to marry, and with him you will live a long, happy life.

But dating in the "World Wide Web", though, are fanned by a romantic halo, but very rarely end in marriage. Therefore, take seriously the candidates who appoint you dates in the chat, not worth it. But, on the other hand, and to refuse to meet in such a situation is stupid. The main thing is to take proper precautions and appoint a rendezvous in crowded places, so as not to fall prey to a sexual maniac or an ordinary gigolo, whose plans are not included in the registrar's registry office.

About married, divorced and committed bachelors

If you came to the conclusion that you can make happiness with the spouse of a best friend or a married colleague at work, then this idea is best to refuse. As a rule, men who are already married do not dream of a new family, but of sexual adventures on the side. Such candidates for husbands will for years feed you with promises that you are ready to divorce and go with you to the crown. As a result, your relationship from the turbulent romance will go smoothly into the category of banal rendezvous, the leitmotif of which will not be marriage but a bed. You can not expect that you will be able to outdo your more successful rival and get your lover out of the family. Even experiencing genuine feelings for you, few of the men will decide to break their habitual way of life and offer you to marry.

It's much easier to get a man in a spouse who spooned up the family joys with a spoon and, at the time of your acquaintance, parted with his chosen one .Such a candidate for husbands has already appreciated all the advantages of a "community cell" with a hot lunch, clean shirts and unlimited sex. In addition, from his unsuccessful marriage, he certainly learned a lesson, and will try to prevent the recurrence of those mistakes that led to the disintegration of the family. Divorced men, as a rule, are more accommodating and agreeable in matters relating to joint farming. But it must be remembered that testing for compatibility of tastes and worldviews such candidates will be you long enough and scrupulously. After all, once burned in milk, they are ready to blow on the water.

But the hardened bachelors are among the least promising candidates for husbands. Just like married applicants, they do not at least change their habitual way of life and lose their independence. Therefore, if you set out to drag a committed bachelor into ZAGZ, you will have to show miracles of ingenuity and impress his imagination so that for your sake he was ready for any feat.

On the benefits and harms of small female tricks

Women who are actively engaged in finding a husband, it is worth distinguishing lies from coquetry. Men very clearly feel this side and at the very last moment, when the networks are already set up, they can convict you of insidious intentions and, thus, violate a carefully planned operation called marriage. Coquetry is good at the first acquaintance, when you want to look in the eyes of a man more attractively and knowingly intrigue your chosen one. But when it comes to serious things, and you are ready to marry the applicant for the hand and heart, then attempts to hide your true age or having a child as a man are perceived as a lie designed to present yourself in a more favorable light.

Of course, to turn on a potential spouse for the first time a tub with information about inadequate relatives, numerous lovers and their own bad habits is not worth it. But by the time the man has matured in order to become a husband, he must know absolutely everything about you .Well, or almost everything. In addition to feelings, the future spouse, first of all, should trust his chosen one, who will become his reliable "rear", not a "bomb" of delayed action. That's why when the game goes all-in, blackmail, intrigues, hypocrisy and pettiness are inappropriate, and a lie for the sake of saving one's own reputation can result in a break in the relationship.

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