How to remove the ring from a swollen finger

It's no secret that one of the most common and popular jewelry is the ring, which is enjoyed not only by women, but also by men. But at least once in their life, holders of rings or ordinary "wedding band" face the situation when it is not possible to remove a jewelry item from a finger. There may be several causes, including chronic diseases, which lead to edema of the extremities. However, if this problem can not be solved as quickly as possible, then with your favorite ringlet you will have to say goodbye - to save your finger, the ornamentation is most likely to be cut. However, before daring to take this step, it is worth trying different options for removing the ring from a swollen finger, which was used by our ancestors. Perhaps one of the ways will still help you to solve the problem, while retaining both the finger and the decoration.

The simplest and most common option, which should be used immediately, as soon as you notice that the hand with the ring is beginning to swell, is to use the usual soap .It should be thoroughly wet, after which you should rub the swollen finger and try to turn the ring on it. If this was successful, then it is necessary to "twist" the jewelry from the finger gently, making rotational movements, while trying not to rip the skin off the bone. This method of removing the decoration works only if the swelling is small. For this purpose, you can also use any shampoo, fat cream, vegetable oil or vaseline, i.e.any means by which you can achieve the effect of sliding.

In case the swelling is quite impressive, and the ring on the finger does not turn almost, the can resort to the ancient eastern method of , which requires about 1 m of silk thread and a thin needle. After passing a thread into it, it is necessary to carefully pull the needle through the ring. As a result, one end of the silk thread should be at the base of the finger, and the other - on the underside of the ring. It should be rewound neatly on the finger so that each coil tightly adjacent to each other. Thus, about 2/3 of the finger is wrapped around the vertex of the phalanx. Now it is necessary to pull very carefully the lower edge of the silk thread, which will gradually pull the ring upwards. Even if the finger is swollen very hard, this method will allow you to quickly, easily and painlessly get rid of the decoration.

If you wake up in the morning and feel that the ring is digging into the skin, causing a strong enough pain, then you need to remember if you have abused beforehand with sharp, salty or smoked dishes. If this is the case, then do not worry about it because of the swelling. It is enough to drink hot tea without sugar and massage your hands, so that after 20-30 minutes the swelling on the finger completely disappeared .After that, you can remove the ornament without special ore. True, the causes of edema may be associated with impaired functioning of internal organs. In this case, removing the ring will be much more difficult, but there are several recipes that will still help to do this. First you need to lower your swollen hand into a basin with cold water for a few minutes, then lift the top and keep it in that position for at least 10 minutes. These simple procedures contribute to the outflow of blood, and the likelihood that the edema will significantly decrease is very high. However, if this recipe proved to be ineffective, then you can try to reduce swelling with salt, 1 tablespoon of which should be filled with 200 ml of hot water, and then steal the resulting solution with a finger. As a rule, after 10-15 minutes the tumor will decrease significantly, and you can easily get rid of the ring.

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