What to do if the thing is shed by washing

It is necessary to treat the washing of colored things with extreme caution, since even very high-quality products are used to shed under the influence of hot water and detergents. It is for this reason that light and dark clothes should never be mixed in a washing machine, and when removing stains from colored clothing it is worth using specialized means that avoid strong molting. However, if this does happen, then do not panic. Return the original look to your favorite blouse or fashionable jeans is still possible with the help of proven folk remedies.

To begin with it is necessary to master some simple tricks of "first aid" for white things that are easily painted when washing together with colored products of .If on a snow-white shirt or a shirt there are characteristic divorces, immediately after washing such clothes should be placed in a basin with warm water and washed by hand, using for this purpose a normal laundry soap. Due to the fact that it contains alkali, you can easily get

rid of fresh colored spots. In case this method proved to be ineffective, and the stains are still visible, then you can use any type of bleach in which you should soak the spoiled thing and then wash it in manual mode. Of course, when the white blouse suddenly turned pink, many bleaches are powerless. In this case, the old grandmother's way of boiling things in the water with the addition of washing powder and soda( 1 teaspoon of funds per 1 liter of water) will come to the rescue. However, it is worth considering that this recipe is suitable only for products made from natural fabrics. To boil synthetic things is categorically contraindicated, since after this procedure they are deformed. Plus, it is necessary to take into account that even for cotton and flax this procedure does not pass without a trace, as the tissue is thinner at boiling. Therefore, it is possible to resort to such a method only in emergency cases, when all other variants have already been tried.

To restore the former attraction of colored things that have washed out after washing, you can use ordinary ammonia .To do this, in a metal container, you should collect about 10 liters of water and add 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Then it is necessary to lower the poured clothing into the water, then put the container on the stove and heat to a boil. Now it remains only to rinse the thing in cold water and dry it.

If it is a question of woolen or silk clothes , which has lost the brightness of colors, then in this case ordinary vinegar will come to the aid. After the product has been washed, it needs to be rinsed in cold water, to which this universal remedy is added( 1 tablespoon per 3 liters).If you repeat this procedure after each wash, then in time you can restore the original appearance of the clothes. In turn, linen and cotton things are very easy to find the former brightness, if after washing, rinse them in a weak mole solution( 1 tablespoon of salt for 5 liters of water).

Often, when after washing a colored product it not only sheds, but also colors itself .In this case, many simply throw away the favorite thing, although it is not necessary to do it. To restore its original appearance, it is enough to grind soap on the grater, 1 tablespoon of which should be mixed with the same amount of starch. Then a concentrated solution of citric acid( 10 g per 100 ml of water) should be prepared and poured into a mixture of soap and starch from one tablespoon of the obtained product. As a result, a very thick gruel must be obtained, which should be applied to the colored stains from the wrong side. Clothing should be left for 12 hours, then wash it in cool water and using soap.

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