Boric acid from cockroaches

It's hard to imagine an apartment that cockroaches would not look at from time to time. In some houses they are rare guests, while in others they settle down thoroughly, creating a lot of inconvenience to people. Of course, very few people can like the fact that on walls and furniture at any time of day scurry these redheads beast in search of tasty food and water. But it's much worse when cockroaches carry all sorts of viruses and microorganisms on their paws. Getting on food, they can cause serious illness. Therefore, with cockroaches should be fought in all available ways, and this war, really goes to survival, because at stake is, at a minimum, the health of all household members.

Practice shows that the numerous chemicals used to control cockroaches give only a temporary effect. Of course, some of the insects do die, but the rest in a record short time have time to develop immunity, continuing to multiply and feel like masters in your kitchen. The only way to get rid of insects is to g

et them to voluntarily leave your apartment. This can be done with the help of boric acid, which today is the most effective means in the fight against cockroaches.

How to use boric acid from cockroaches

By itself, the acid does not kill these insects, but causes them severe pain and itching, and then can lead to mutation and deprivation ability to reproduce. Therefore, if you decide to use this means to clean your house of insects once and for all, then you should be patient. It will take at least a month before the numerous cockroach family decides to leave your home .Yes, do not be surprised, cockroaches are very reasonable creatures and even know how to transfer information about danger at a primitive level. When such signals become too frequent, and the number of boric acid victims increases, cockroaches simply go away from a dangerous place. But to achieve this, it will take a little effort.


By itself, boric acid is unlikely to remove the attention of cockroaches, although it is proved that these creatures are very curious. However, the smell of a chemical is not the flavor that could make these insects eat poison. Therefore, based on boric acid for cockroaches prepare all kinds of dishes that insects absorb with great appetite. The simplest version is to boil 2 large chicken eggs, extract yolks from them and grind them with 100 g of boric acid .Then, from the resulting mass, several dozen small dense beads should be rolled. They need to be placed in the most secluded places, where cockroaches most often hide. It may be crevices in skirting boards or panels, joints of seams, shelves of kitchen cabinets, which have long been chosen by your uninvited guests. Several balls can be put in the breadbox or left on the dining table, through which the daily route of insects inevitably runs. Do not be afraid that when you contact such beads with food, you yourself are at risk of poisoning - boric acid is completely safe for humans. But the cockroaches, it can deliver a lot of trouble.

Having decided to get rid of cockroaches, , you should take care that insects do not have access to water .It can restore an insect to life even after severe poisoning. Therefore, you must first repair the plumbing and after each washing dishes wipe the shell with a sponge, collecting the remains of moisture. As for the toilet, it should be closed for at least a night with a lid, in order to block access to the water by insects. Remember that without food such insects can live for a long time, but without moisture - no.

When the cockroaches go away, do not rush to remove the balls .Let them lie down for a few weeks, frightening off possible red spies, who will periodically visit you to find out whether you can return to the previously mastered territory.

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