How to wash the grass

Wonderful spring-summer season and pulls to go out into the countryside, soak up the emerald grass, drive from the heart a ball or play with children. However, such rest is fraught with clothing for the appearance of the most common contaminants( especially for children) - stains from grass. The activity of kids can not be curbed, so we have to look for effective ways to help get rid of these bright green herbs and spots.

This problem gives a lot of trouble to caring parents, they puzzle over how to remove from T-shirts and trousers this disgrace. There is nothing impossible, so even with this significant problem in terms of washing can be successfully coped with a great desire.

Such stains are indeed difficult to remove and are mistaken by those who believe that it is possible to wash the stain by pre-soaking it and washing it using an expensive powder in the washing machine. Not everything is as simple as we would like. This is far from enough, or rather, you will have to add a few

additional tools. Approach to the removal of stains of this origin should be taken seriously, with particular care and it is necessary to choose the right cleaning means, in order not to aggravate the situation even further.

How to remove grass stains

First of all, analyze the origin of the stain, make sure that the actual contamination is from the grass, and not a stain from the food color or green paint. Sniff it to make it easier to determine where it could come from. Herbaceous stains are dominated by an earthy smell or plant fragrance, while the food coloring is sweetish, and from the stains of paint - a sharp smell of acetone or other chemical constituents. Now it's time to choose a means to remove them.

Not always modern expensive powders can cope and deliver the desired result. Do not believe in advertising, but trust trusted and proven methods that are experienced by experienced housewives. Since the Soviet times many good ways have come down to us, since at that time there was not an abundance of funds and stain removers. This served as an occasion for conducting various experiments, as a result of which they achieved good results. At home, you can remove many spots, most importantly, that they were fresh. The older the spot, the less likely it is to achieve the desired effect.

Prepare 1 tbsp.warm water and dilute 1 teaspoon in it.ammonia of .Plentifully moisten the dirt spots or blot the stains several times with a swab impregnated with the solution. After this, carefully soap with household soap, leave for an hour, wash. With deeply stained spots, repeat the procedure 3-4 times.

You can wipe the stains from the grass with 9% apple or wine vinegar , as well as citric acid, dissolved in water. Leave for an hour, then rinse and spread in warm water. There is another simple way - to dissolve 1 tablespoon.table salt in 1.5 cups of water, soak the stain in the solution, after a good stretch.

Helps in the fight against herbal contamination and denatured alcohol .Wet a cotton swab, wipe the stain until it completely dissolves. Soap or powder in hot water, stretch the product. You can also use ethyl alcohol or diethyl ether.

In the struggle with stains on white cotton cloth use a solution of bleach lime .It must be diluted at the rate of 1 tsp.for 250 ml of water. Also, grass stains on white cotton products can be wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide. For white fabric, there is another way - 1 tsp.30% acetic acid + 1 tsp.oxalic acid by 1 tbsp.water, this composition should discolor the chlorophyll.

With the advent of summer, do not deny yourself the pleasure of spending time outdoors, do not limit children in a natural desire to frolic on the grass, because all this contributes to their harmonious development, and clothes with stains can always be washed.

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