Women traveling alone

A lot of films and books represent women as helpless victims. This is not entirely true.

However, most women consider the most important security issue when traveling alone. With a choice, 79% of women prefer to travel with a friend or friend.

But the possibility of traveling is so attractive that these women will rather go alone than not go at all. In this case, we can assure you that if certain rules are followed, you can get maximum impressions from the trip and at the same time be safe.

First of all, of course, you have to be careful. Unjustified risk has not yet benefited anyone. A lonely woman on the journey can become the object of sexual harassment, rudeness and fraud. Women are more often victims of thefts.

For women traveling alone, the wise decision will be to ask only other women or women with families, not men. Representations of women about what security is, significantly different from the views of men.

Obviously, hotels should be in crowded places, close to t

ransport routes and public transport stops, with well-lit parking lots and a lounge. Some experts in this field advise women to wear engagement rings to cut off unnecessary attention on the part of men, especially in countries with a clear male dominance. Other women believe that this is a sexist council that represents a woman as a "defenseless creation."The decision to accept you.

The best way to travel is the policy of avoiding trouble - to behave quietly, not to maintain eye contact, to leave the source of irritation.

Remember that what you wear at home, put on a party with friends, can look provocative in other places and countries. In advance, find out how women dress in the area where you are going. Think about what is the standard for them in clothes.

If you decide for yourself that this is all too complicated and do not want to get involved in such an adventure, just contact the Internet. Now a lot of sites help to find a companion for traveling. You can also go through a local city forum or ask for help in a travel agency.

Bon voyage!

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