How to learn to walk on heels

Not all women by nature have grace and an excellent sense of balance. Therefore, the first time wearing shoes with heels, they experience some discomfort. Of course, in such a situation it is not necessary to count on a smooth and graceful gait. Moreover, the situation with the fall from the height of its own growth and the turning of the ankles are possible and quite curious at all. In order not to become a subject of ridicule from others and feel confident in a new thing, you should learn how to walk on your heels beforehand. This is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Especially, if you have at least 5-7 days left for the "release".

For those who have never worn shoes on a stud, do not immediately buy shoes or boots at too high a heel. Whatever the conditions dictated by modern fashion, the requirements for personal comfort and safety must be met flawlessly .Of course, those who wear heels all the time, 12-bolt studs will not bring any special problems. Such women have already managed

to learn to balance even on slippery parquet, and they do not mind the need to run to a stop a few meters in trendy boots. You are best to stop the choice of shoes with a stable platform and a heel of not more than 4-5 cm. Do not let such shoes or boots be distinguished by special grace, but in them you will certainly learn to balance on the studs and feel confident, touching the ground with only the tipsfingers.

So, having enough time in reserve, you can begin to accustom your feet to the heels by simple exercises .It should be borne in mind that when you shoe shoes on a stud, you deform the foot, which bends at an angle of about 45 degrees. This creates an additional strain on the muscles and joints, which, with unaccustomed, naturally, will be very much sick. To avoid this, you must perform a complex of two exercises daily. First you need to stand on your toes and walk around the room, then perform a smooth roll on the heel and again walk 2-3 minutes. The first training should not take more than 10-15 minutes, but gradually the training should be brought to 1 hour. In parallel, after a few days of exercise should be supplemented by trying on shoes. If you still chose shoes or high-heeled boots, then at first you should use a small hairpin. When you feel comfortable and confident in such shoes, you can safely apply a new thing and walk around the house for at least 20-30 minutes. To achieve maximum effect, in shoes you can perform any everyday activities.for example, washing dishes or ironing clothes. At the moment when you completely forget that you are learning to walk on your heels, since their presence will become quite natural and familiar, the course of lessons can be completed. Now, on the street and in the office, even at a very high hairpin, you will feel very confident. However, during the training of pain in the area of ​​the feet, you will hardly be avoided. However, they can be minimized if you do a light massage of the shins and feet before going to bed. You can also remove painful symptoms with a hot foot bath, adding a little ordinary tea leaves to it. This procedure will help restore muscle tone, relieve fatigue and at the same time minimize discomfort caused by such unusual exercises.

Learn to walk on heels for 1 day

Much more complicated is the case in the case of if you need to learn how to walk on your heels the day before any special event .Even if you used to wear hairpins, but in everyday life you prefer sneakers or ballet shoes, legs and vestibular apparatus should be prepared for the upcoming test. For these purposes, the ideal exercise, which is a fairly long walk on tiptoe. So you can stretch your muscles and learn how to coordinate your movements. In this case, the training will have to spend several hours to learn to keep balance and feel confident, just touching the floor with your fingertips. The next step is to "accustom" the feet to shoes on the heel. Since classes take place in an accelerated mode, you need to closely monitor your feelings. If there are pains in the muscles of the lower leg, stop training and massage. In addition, you will have very little time to develop a confident and "flying" gait. Therefore, one simple rule should immediately be adopted. Starting the movement, the leg should be put on the heel, then smoothly "roll" it on the toe. As a result, your gait will be gliding and very refined. If you do the opposite, then in the end you will mint a step, resembling a soldier on the parade ground, very quickly knock off the heels and at the same time look not at all feminine and romantic, but aggressively and vulgarly.

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