How to celebrate the New Year 2014

New year to us rushing! We will not have time to look back and already will not have time to do the planned: without haste to choose gifts, buy or sew clothes in advance, buy some of the products before the prices skyrocket. Eh, every time you wait, you wait, it seems that everything is still ahead, but in yourself you come only when you make a wish for chimes with a glass of champagne in your hand.

You now have a real chance to read this article and outwit the insidious time and this time to approach the meeting of the new year in all weapons, without the hassle and the experience. Down with the negative, long live the festive mood, laughter and smiles!

How should we celebrate the 2014 New Year?

So, the first thing you need to know is what year is coming. You still do not know? How so! In the Eastern calendar, 2014 is the year of the Blue Wooden Horse. It is believed that the Year of the Horse always carries a lot of positive changes for all people without exception, success can manifest it

self both in career and in personal life. Element of the blue Horse - water, and this is the movement, variability, dynamism of .That is, the very celebration of the new year should be fun and active. Even if you traditionally stay home in a close family circle, quarrel this evening with a sofa, think of yourself active entertainment. Play forfeits, mafia, crocodile, charades, organize quizzes, competitions, dances, stand on your head, but just do not sit and lie. Remember - the horse lies only when it is sick.

It's great if you go on a visit to friends or to a restaurant or a club, finally, you can come to distant relatives far away from the world, set off to celebrate the new year at a resort or recreation center. Your motto is from December 31 to January 1: in motion - life!

What to celebrate the 2014 New Year?

So, as for the new year we do not dress up even for your birthday! Indeed, this is a special holiday, for which everyone prepares and in such a variety of outfits it is not easy to look stunning and original. Only if you do not prepare in advance.

As the coming year is the year of the Blue Horse, the acceptable colors of are blue, green, black and their shades. Blue can be fully extended to blue, violet, cobalt, green to emerald and aqua, and black to dark gray and black with interspersed blue, green, silver and gold.

When choosing clothes, pay attention not only to its color, but also to the fabric and composition. Preferably choose an outfit of natural fabrics - silk, wool, velvet, leather. Combinations of natural and artificial fabrics are allowed, you can also buy a thing made of fabric with natural and synthetic fibers.

The horse is graceful, proud, elegant. It can be helped by noble fabrics - satin, silk, chiffon, light and flowing fabrics will help create a flying and free silhouette. Clothing can be both monophonic and rich in color - with patterns, embroidery, ornaments.

The best New Year's outfit for men this time is a classic. The costume can be not purely black, but dark blue. Actual colors - blue and green, can be used in a tie or shirt, if the suit is not strict, but in the style of kazhual. Also, men can meet the new year in blue jeans and a black, blue or green jumper or shirt.

If you like to be in the center of attention and surprise everyone with your originality, then for you to create a dress it is worth trying to use natural leather. It can be narrowed black or colored pants, skirt, shorts, leather corset or jacket.

The material of the new year is a tree, it should be used in accessories and ornaments. Decorative hair clips, bracelets, clutches, beads - find your "chip", even a small wooden detail in the outfit will bring you good luck.

It is allowed to wear jewelery and jewelry .Well, if natural stones, rhinestones, sequins, beads will be festive colors - blue, purple and green. When choosing jewelry, give preference to emeralds, aquamarines, topaz. To decorate an outfit or a hairdress also it is possible it is alive flowers, it is necessary to a horse to the liking.

What should be on the table in 2014 new year? Of course, the festive table should be full of vegetables and fruits. Welcome to light salads, snacks, greens. You can present a gift to the Horse and put a plate of oats on the table - you will respect it.

On the New Year's table there must be a fish , and in different forms. You can put fish on the table fried, smoked, salted, caviar, sea kale, seafood. Of meat it is recommended to cook rabbit or hare.

What should I give to the new year 2014?

The horse is fair and fair. She does not need gifts for a tick, gifts without a soul. Things chosen with a soul, will become real talismans and bring good luck. Do not be afraid to go against the established rules, not this year - give modest, small, but personal gifts.

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