How to hang a horseshoe

We all know that a horse horseshoe brings happiness. This sign appeared many centuries ago and was known to the Egyptian pharaohs who stopped the chariot to pick up the lost horseshoe in the dust and subsequently use it to decorate their own palace. Moreover, it was believed that if you ignore this sign of fate, then the person who found, but did not raise the horseshoe, awaits all sorts of troubles and misfortunes.

Today, the tradition of decorating the house with horseshoes is still relevant. However, it should be borne in mind that decorative souvenirs, sold in stores, do not fit for these purposes. The horseshoe must be real, and at the same time it must be found, not bought or taken as a gift. Only in this case it is possible to protect your home and family, since it is believed that the horseshoe lying on the road is a sign from above, and it is given only to those who really need help.

How to properly hang a horseshoe

Opinions about how and where to hang a horseshoe, still

diverge. In some countries, it is simply nailed to the doorstep, thus protecting the home from the dark forces and spirits of death. However, in Russia, from time immemorial, the horseshoe was hung above the entrance to the dwelling both from the inside and from the outside. In the first case, the horseshoe gave peace to the family and protected it from quarrels, diseases, poverty and temptations. In its turn. Nailed horseshoe outside was a guard against enemies, destruction, fires and envy of neighbors.

How to correctly broadcast a horseshoe? There is no common opinion on this matter. Nevertheless, if you believe in research in the field of parapsychology, then to attach a horseshoe over the door, you must by all means shake up the .This is explained by the fact that this opens the channel of cosmic energy, which not only feeds all members of the family, but also protects the house from internal and external negativity. That is, people inside are getting positive impulses, so they quarrel much less and rarely make rash decisions. At the same time, if there are quarrels in the house, it is quickly cleared of anger, aggression and mutual insults.

If you hang the horseshoe with the hooks down, as many people do, then instead of a protective charm, it will turn into a battery of negative energy. All bad things will be attracted to the house and settle in it, since the inverted horseshoe is a kind of lock that hangs on the cosmic energy channel. In such a house people will feel extremely uncomfortable, they will begin to experience frequent headaches, and quarrels and scandals will turn into a quite common and usual phenomenon.

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