How to remove gum from clothes

Chewing gum is a real scourge of modern society, as it not only slows down mental processes, but also has the habit of sticking to all sorts of things. However, when it comes to the sole of boots or linoleum, everything is not so scary, because removing the rubber from such a surface is not very difficult. Much more trouble occurs when the cud is permanently stuck to your favorite jeans or a warm sweater. In this situation, the most sensible decision is to give the thing to a dry cleaner, where this sticky mass is easily and quickly removed with the help of special solvents. This option is ideal for any product, including thin blouses and silk underwear. However, it takes time to dry clean up, and it's worth a lot of pleasure. Therefore, the easiest way out of the situation is to learn how to remove chewing gum from clothes at home.

How to remove the chewing gum from clothes at home

The material from which the chewing gum is made is very easily softened by exposure to high temperatures.

That is why the greatest number of victims of this sticky mass is fixed in the summer, when people are inadvertently sitting on benches or chairs in a cafe where before the gum was left. However, it is this property of elastic bands that can be wrapped with the rescue of a skirt or trousers. First, you must try to remove the bulk of the sticky mass in the usual way. After that, the contaminated area of ​​clothing should be lowered for 5-7 minutes in hot water, so that the cud is softened. Now the thing needs to be spread out on the table and using any sharp object to try to remove the remnants of gum. For these purposes, you can use a knife, toothpick, a nail file and even a regular ruler, i.e.any object with which you can accurately pick off the remains of sticky mass, without smearing hands at the same time, will do. If one time you do not have time to completely remove the rests of chewing gum, you should again lower the contaminated clothing in hot water and repeat the whole procedure again.

It should be noted that not only high, but low temperatures change the properties of the chewing gum. However, if in the first case it softens, then in the second it hardens. Therefore, if for any reason you are afraid of mechanically processing the thing, fearing it will be damaged, is the simplest option to clean the clothes from the chewing gum - send it for several hours to the freezer. This recipe perfectly suits not only woolen "fluffy" products like sweaters and jumpers, but can also be used to clean delicate things like kapron tights. However, it should be remembered that before you send clothes to the refrigerator, you do not need to try to remove the chewing gum from it mechanically. In a few hours it will solidify and turn into a kind of stone, which can easily be hammered by any sharp object. At the same time, there will be no traces on the clothes from the rubber band, which is important not only for tights, but, for example, for business clothes. If you can not put the whole thing in the freezer, then you can use ice cubes, which should be applied to the chewing gum, changing them periodically. When the sticky mass stops, getting rid of it will not be very difficult either.

For those who want to be confident in the result and expect to get rid of the old traces of chewing gum, firmly embedded in the fabric, should resort to gasoline .They need to moisten excessively the contaminated tissue area, wait 5-10 minutes, then gently remove the rests of the chewing gum with a cotton swab or a piece of paper. However, after that the product will have to be washed to get rid of the unpleasant smell. In addition, it should be remembered that gasoline is suitable only for processing natural fabrics, and it is not necessary to remove the cud with synthetics, otherwise you will spoil the thing.

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