Weaving of baubles from a floss

Weaving of baubles from a floss To date, fenechka - just an unusual decoration, a component of style. However, initially it was also a symbol of brotherhood and friendship. Braided bracelets enjoyed great popularity first among the Indians, and then in the revered ancient cultures of hippies.

The name of the product comes from the English word "thing", which translates as "gizmo", "trick".The most common material for weaving baubles is threads of the mule .To work with them is simple, it is important only to observe small rules. To the future fenechka was beautiful and smooth, the main thing - an even number of threads. It is better if they are not less than eight. The length of the thread should exceed the length of the future bracelet by approximately four times.

There are many ways to weave thread, but it is better to use a straight or oblique weave. It will be most convenient to fix the fresco before starting work, for example, with the help of eyelets. To the bend does not twist, it should be fastened with a p

in, tape or loop for any suitable surface: the door handle, the table. Next, each thread is simply tied round row by row with a knot.

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