Why does my finger turn black from the golden ring

Many people are so fond of gold jewelry that they do not want to part with them day or night. However, if, for example, the ring is worn constantly, then a strip of skin beneath it can blacken. Of course, this does not always happen, but if you are faced with a similar phenomenon, then there may be several reasons.

Why the finger turns black from gold

Most often the finger turns black from the gold ring in those cases, when the quality of the decoration leaves much to be desired for the .The pure gold of 999 tests never oxidizes and does not leave traces on a skin if products from it to wear constantly. At the same time, jewelry with all kinds of additives, which are called additives, can not boast of such properties. Most often copper is added to gold, which, when in contact with the skin, gives characteristic green-black pigmentation. When the ring is worn from time to time, the oxidation processes are insignificant, and there is no visible trace on the skin. But if you wear the ring

for at least a few months, the skin under it will gradually begin to darken. To minimize such an unpleasant phenomenon, you should buy gold jewelry of the highest quality. The smaller the carat in gold, the higher the probability that the additives in its composition will cause the pigmentation of the epidermis .Most often, such a problem is faced by those who buy rings made of gold of the lowest sample - 333 or 416. In people, such alloys are called samovar gold, as jewelry from it not only leaves marks on the skin,for oxidation.

However, it is worth noting that even if the gold ring contains a minimum of impurities, the skin under it can still blacken. One of the reasons lies in smog, which has recently become a common phenomenon for many megacities. The thing is that gold has a porous structure, therefore it easily absorbs soot. At the very decoration of the dirt is almost not visible, but under it can easily accumulate and eat into the skin. In this case, the decoration simply needs to be cleaned as often as possible, and the problem will be solved.

A bit of mysticism

There are also mystical explanations for this phenomenon. So, it is believed that gold reacts very sensitively to any negative, therefore the skin under it starts to blacken with the evil eye .In this case, it is recommended to temporarily lower the decoration in the consecrated water, and therefore rub it with darkened skin on the finger and wash. If you periodically do this procedure, you can get rid of the evil eye. True, the cause of the appearance of a dark strip on the skin often has a completely different origin, and is directly related to the state of human health. After all, gold has the property to predetermine the presence of serious diseases even before their symptoms appear. Therefore, if the skin under the ring has turned black, then it is just in case to undergo a comprehensive medical examination in order to prevent the development of this or that disease at an early stage. Especially attentively to this question it is necessary to concern pregnant women at whom the skin on fingers under gold rings darkens often enough. This may indicate not only the health problems of the future mother but also the pathology in the development of the fetus.

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