How to iron a leather jacket

With the onset of cold weather, many of us, looking into our own wardrobe, come to the disappointing conclusion that the leather jacket, which looked perfect last season, lost its appeal. Typically, this applies to products that were stacked and fairly wrinkled during storage. However, folds and bends can appear on the jacket, which hung in the closet and was pressed by other clothes. In any case, there is quite a legitimate question: how to iron a leather thing at home.

Smoothing the leather jacket

It is clear that the iron for these purposes does not fit the , because after using it the jacket will become stiff and completely unsuitable for wearing. Of course, you can resort to using an iron, designed for delicate fabrics, but it's better not to take risks. There is a great chance that you will simply spoil the product without solving the problem. If the jacket has spent several months in the package. Then the easiest way to return her original appearance is to hang a thing on the ha

nger and leave it in this form for a few days. This option is ideal for jackets from thin leather and suede. However, it is rather difficult to call it universal, because if the product is made of thick skin, properly treated with tannins, then in this case, even under the weight of its own weight, it is unlikely to straighten.

If the jacket for several days and could not "hang", then in this case, you can use another recipe, which, however, also will require several days. It is necessary to take the jacket to the bathroom, then turn on the hot water and fill the room with the steam. Humid air has a very beneficial effect on leather products, which need to be smoothed out. True, it is very important to ensure that water does not get to the surface of the jacket, otherwise the skin will become hard after drying, become stiff and may become covered with cracks. Therefore, pre-jacket is wrapped in a sheet and left in the bathroom for several hours. Then the product should be hung in a well-ventilated and sufficiently cool room for slow drying of moisture and smoothing. To the leather jacket has acquired its original appearance, it may take up to 2-3 days.

Significantly will facilitate the procedure for smoothing the skin of the usual steam generator , which can be purchased at any household appliance store. With its help you can not only quickly and efficiently remove the folds on the back and sleeves, but also handle such hard-to-reach places as pockets and collar, which can not be straightened in other ways. However, it should be taken into account that the steam generator should not be brought closer to the jacket than 10-15 cm, otherwise moisture will accumulate on the surface of the product, and the probability of deformation of the skin after such treatment will be very high.

Many people mistakenly believe that the steam generator can easily be replaced with an iron that is equipped with a similar device. However to do this in no case should .If you still decided to iron the leather jacket with an iron, then it is absolutely counter-indicative to turn on the steam generator or to moisturize its surface in any other way. Optimal option in this situation - to acquire a dense packaging paper, through which you should iron the jacket, putting the thermostat at the lowest point. In some cases, paper can be replaced with linen or cotton cloth. However, in this case, it will be necessary to act more carefully and carefully, since overheated skin can simply stick to the cloth, after removal of which on the jacket will remain characteristic traces.

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