How to remove a stain from a candle

It's hard to imagine a house without candles. They are lit not only on the occasion of holidays and for creating a cozy atmosphere. The realities of our life are such that candles have to be used in more prosaic situations, when electricity is simply turned off in an apartment. Wandering in the pitch darkness around the house with candles in their hands, few people come to mind to follow the elementary rules of safety. As a result, wax and paraffin often remain not only on the fingers, but also fall on clothes, furniture, expensive carpets and even household appliances. And after every "doomsday", many have to show the wonders of ingenuity in order to clear spoiled things from candle stains and matte drops. It will be much easier to do this if we adopt a few simple, effective rules.

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With metal and plastic surfaces, wax and paraffin are removed most easily. To do this, it is enough to take an ordinary knife and bluntly scrape off the drops, and then gently sweep the formed c

andle shavings. Thin film of carbon in this case will still remain, however it is easy to remove with ammonia, 1 teaspoon of which should be mixed with 50 ml of water .

How to clean stains from candles from clothes

With clothes, things are a bit more complicated, since removing droplets of wax or paraffin wax is not always possible. To begin with, it should be understood that while the deposit is still warm, it does not need to be touched in any way. If this is done, then you can only exacerbate the situation by spreading the wax or paraffin with a thin layer on the product, after which it will be much harder to remove. It is best to immediately take off your spoiled clothes and arm yourself with a cube of ice, which must first be placed in a cellophane bag. Ice should be applied to the wax and paraffin drop, so that it freezes as soon as possible. Then it can be easily removed from the thing, using the same knife. At the end of the procedure, there will still be a fat glossy stain on the fabric, which can be disposed of in several ways.the simplest and most effective of them is to heat the iron, arm yourself with a paper napkin and, through it, iron the contaminated patch of clothing. After the first procedure, the wax and fat residues will remain on the napkin. If you repeat the manipulation several times, while changing the paper, it will not be difficult to clean the clothes from candle stains. Now it only remains to wash your favorite blouse or pants to return them an impeccable appearance.

However, it should be taken into account that such a cleaning option is suitable only for natural fabrics, in which there is no nap. Velvet, for example, or a tapestry this way to clean completely fails. The same goes for silk, removing wax spots from it is very problematic. If you put paraffin on clothes or upholstery from these fabrics, you should first "freeze" the stains and remove the bulk of the carbon with a knife. Remains can also be cleaned with a piece of gauze soaked in alcohol. For thin silk, however, this option does not work, so after removing the deposit, the fabric should be treated with ordinary cologne, which will get rid of the wax film on the product.

The most difficult situation is with nap carpets , when cleaning, you can not use an iron. In this case, melt the wax residue or wax allows a normal hair dryer, after which the stain must be soaked with a paper towel. After removing the maximum possible amount of fat in this way, you should wipe the stain with turpentine, and then with a clean cloth. Only after this procedure, the contaminated area of ​​the carpet can be washed with warm water with shampoo or a special cleaning agent.

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