How to Starch Knitted Napkins

Knitted napkins made of fine cotton yarn can become a real decoration of your house, helping to create in it an amazingly cozy and warm atmosphere. However, from time to time such masterpieces of needlework still need to be washed, after which they lose their shape and stretch. To prevent this from happening, the napkins must also be starched, so that they will regain lost stiffness and will delight the eye until a new wash.

If the threads are very thin, then 1 tablespoon of potato starch should be diluted in 1 liter of water, and then rinse the napkin in the resulting mixture. For thicker yarn, it is advisable to prepare a solution at a rate of 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of warm water. After you have dipped the napkin several times in the product, it should be gently squeezed out and then spread out on any flat surface and carefully spread out. In this condition, the napkin should dry completely, after which if necessary, it can be ironed with a warm iron.

It happens that you started a

wash of napkins, and starch in the house was not .It is not necessary to get upset about this, because various tools can be used to stiffen products. With the task set, PVA glue will perfectly cope, 100 ml of which must be diluted in 250 ml of cold water. In the resulting mixture, as well as in the solution of starch, you should dip the napkin, and then squeeze it and gently decompose on a flat surface. However, after processing the product with such a mixture, it is not recommended to use an iron. You can get a starched napkin with gelatin .To do this, 1 tablespoon of the product should be poured into 100 ml of warm water and leave for 30-40 minutes for swelling. When gelatin is almost completely dissolved, it is necessary to add 100 ml of cold water, mix everything thoroughly, after which a napkin treatment solution can be used. The principle of their starching by gelatin is the same as with any other substances.

Those who do not want to trouble themselves with the invention of the bicycle, , can resort to the usual sugar , 1 glass of which must be mixed with 0.5 cups of water, and then brought to a boil. In the resulting syrup, until it has not cooled down, it is necessary to lower the napkin for a few seconds, and then gently remove the product and squeeze it. After this simple procedure, the napkin can only be dried on a flat surface.

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