How to remove ink from clothes

Despite the fact that pen pens are gradually disappearing into the past, there is a rather large stratum of people who still give them preference. First of all, these are representatives of the business elite, for whom Parker with a golden pen is a symbol of high status. In addition, very many parents, giving their kids to school, force their houses to write exclusively with fountain pens, rightly believing that in this case it is possible to work out an almost perfect handwriting. True, with all its merits, pen pens still have one significant drawback, namely, they leave ink blobs on clothes, which are extremely difficult to extract. If this happened, and the stain blurs on your favorite shirt or lapel of your jacket, you can use simple folk remedies that will help solve this problem.

It should immediately be noted that the modern ink is removed from the fabric by ordinary water with soap or powder is almost impossible .The thing is that due to their structure they are very firmly eaten b

oth in natural and synthetic fibers. Of course, if you try hard, the ink spot can become a little lighter, but in order to completely get rid of it, you will have to use some tricks.

Fresh ink stains, which did not yet dry up the , are best removed from the fabric with lemon juice, which is abundantly wetted by the contaminated clothing. After this, you should wait about 5-7 minutes, and you can safely wash the stain, which is easily washed with household soap and water. White things that are contaminated with ink can easily be cleaned up with slightly acidified household milk, which must be evenly distributed around the spot, soak for about 20 minutes, and then wash the clothes in the usual way. This recipe is good in that, unlike lemon juice, does not leave on the snow-white products of yellowish divorces. However, if there is no other way out, then white clothes can also be cleaned with lemon juice, but after removing stains, the things will have to be soaked in bleach. By the way, with ink stains, if they are fresh enough, you can successfully fight and using detergents marked "oxy".This means that in such bleaches, after dissolution in water, active oxygen molecules are contained, which very effectively eat out any types of contaminants. With ink, they are also able to cope, although this may take several hours.

Very few people know how to print out stains from ink, considering that the occupation is devoid of any meaning. However, if the thing is really expensive, and you do not want to throw it out, you can try to solve the problem with the following folk remedies. With natural costume and swimming fabrics, which include wool, can be removed with conventional kerosene .To do this, you need to take a cotton swab, damp it properly in this type of oil, and then carefully work the stain. After about 10-15 minutes, repeat the procedure. As a rule, by this time, the stain has already been sufficiently soaked, and ink marks must necessarily remain on the cotton bud. If this happens, then you should continue to carefully remove the ink from the fabric, periodically changing the cotton buds. When inkblot completely disappears, clothes should be washed thoroughly in warm soapy water. With colored fabrics, aged ink stains can easily be removed with ammonia, and for light clothing you can use ordinary turpentine.

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