The best remedy for mosquitoes

Summer has many charms, but it also has drawbacks. Among the latter - mosquitoes, which can spoil the rest in nature and prevent sleep at night. It would seem that getting rid of them is not so difficult - today there are many tools to do this. However, not all of them are effective. We have selected the top ten mosquito remedies that "work" best.

1. Aerosols of the brand Off

The most effective is Off Extreme, however, other anti-mosquito products give excellent results. Aerosols are easy to apply, do not have an unpleasant odor and act very well - they reliably deter not only mosquitoes, but also other insects, including gadflies, flies, moss. The Off action is retained for several hours.

Off has its drawbacks - these aerosols are quite expensive. In addition, they are very toxic, and therefore it is better to apply them only on clothes. Use Off for children is not worth it.

2. Raid Mosquito Rats

Raid is one of the most well-known brands of insect repellent, and all its produc

ts are of very high quality. Plates from mosquitoes Raid are intended for the house - they are used together with a fumigator, one plate suffices approximately for 12 hours. This remedy repels insects well, but it does not smell at all. Such plates can be used also in those rooms where children sleep - they are not toxic.

Plates from mosquitoes Raid are slightly more expensive than analogues, however also the effect from their application is higher - they allow to get rid completely of flying insects in the house.

3. Ozz Spray lotion with aloe and chamomile extracts

This product is designed to protect against mosquitoes and other insects in the wild. Ozz is easy to apply, does not leave traces on the skin or clothes, has a slight pleasant smell, which is almost not noticeable. The effect of the application lasts about 2-3 hours - this is what the manufacturer promises. Ozz well scares away not only mosquitoes, but also other insects, and it "works" even where there are a lot of mosquitoes. Another advantage of this spray-lotion is the price. It is average, despite the fact that the agent gives a very good result.

4. Lotion from mosquitoes "Taiga"

This is a very inexpensive, but very effective tool."Taiga" helps not only from mosquitoes, but also from flies, gadflies, midges, and other "bloodsuckers.""Taiga" is easy to apply, has a pronounced, but quite acceptable smell. It lasts about 3 hours, it can be used up to three times a day.

This lotion has only one drawback - it can not be used for children. In the rest "Taiga" - an excellent option for protection from mosquitoes in nature.

5. Chicco

baby cream gel This product is suitable for protection from mosquitoes both at home and outdoors. Cream-gel can be used for children from three months, it is easily applied, quickly absorbed, does not leave traces. Chicco has a hypoallergenic composition, the manufacturer claims that the cream gel is completely safe for the baby, not toxic.

The effectiveness of the tool is very high. On the nature, the cream gel acts for about three hours, in the home hours the effect persists for 12 hours( it suffices, for example, overnight).Among the shortcomings can be attributed to the high cost of the facility, but it is justified by the fact that effective and safe mosquito protection for small children on sale is very little.

6. Lotion All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor

This lotion has a completely natural composition and can be used for children older than 6 months. It can be applied to the exposed areas of the skin, including the skin of the face. The product has a pleasant smell, is hypoallergenic, the effect lasts about 2-3 hours after application. Lotion protects not only from mosquitoes, but also from midges, gadflies, flies and other blood-sucking insects. It can be used not only for children, but also for adults. The cost of the lotion is quite affordable, and the natural makeup becomes its main advantage - All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor is non-toxic and completely safe for the child.

7. Geranium

Geranium flowers have a specific flavor that repels insects and, in the first place, mosquitoes. To protect the house from mosquitoes, it is enough to put pots of geranium on the windowsill - in the rooms after that there will be no flying insects. Using geranium to protect against mosquitoes is one of the most effective folk methods. Here it is worth noting that geranium has a pleasant smell, this unpretentious plant, the care of which is very simple. You can plant geraniums both in pots and in long boxes - it will become a real decoration of the window.

8. Bracelet from mosquitoes Mothercare

Bracelets from mosquitoes appeared relatively recently. They are used mainly for young children - this allows you not to use sprays and repellents, which can contain toxic substances. Bracelet from mosquitoes Mothercare has a weak pleasant smell, repelling insects. It can be worn not only on the hand, but on the baby's leg, such bracelets are allowed to use from the first days of life.

It is worth noting that many bracelets from mosquitoes give a weak effect or do not "work" at all. Mothercare acts very well - until the bracelet is on the baby, mosquitoes will not disturb it. The bracelet is valid for about 2 weeks, it can be used both in nature and at home. It is quite expensive, but it is a very good option for protecting against mosquitoes - completely safe and yet effective.

9. Mosquito repellent Gardex

Gardex offers sprays, lotions and repellents to protect against bloodsucking insects. The means of this manufacturer have a good effect. They effectively repel insects, and at the same time they are easily applied, do not leave traces on clothes or skin, they have a weak pleasant smell. Gardex produces non-toxic products. The main active ingredients are fragrances, perfume compositions that repel insects. At the same time Gardex funds have quite affordable price-this is one of the best options in today's market.

10. Spirals from mosquitoes Raptor

Spirals from mosquitoes are considered a controversial means of protection against mosquitoes. On the one hand, they well repel insects, and on the other - it may well be toxic. That's why they are not recommended to use at home - this facility is designed for open air.

Spirals from mosquitoes Raptor are very effective - they repel insects in a large radius and act not only on mosquitoes, but also on other flying "bloodsuckers".The spiral smoldering slowly, completely burning in a few hours. The only nuance - such spirals do not work in strong winds, aromatized smoke simply blows to the side. In addition, spirals are suitable only for "stationary" stay in nature. During a picnic or working in the garden they will provide good protection, if it is a question of walks through the forest, you can not use spirals - it is better to find another means.

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