Folk remedies for mosquitoes

With the onset of summer, we all suffer from the increased attention of such unpleasant insects as mosquitoes. They are able to provide you with a sleepless night, spoil your holiday at the cottage or trek into the forest. On the river, in the courtyard and even in the cinema, these insects are able to deliver a lot of problems to a person not only with their annoying buzzing, but also with very painful bites, after which the entire body itches and burns, as if on fire.

Naturally, when faced with mosquitoes, any normal person has a desire to get rid of this unpleasant neighborhood as quickly as possible. However, if there is no saving "Raptor" at hand, special ointments and creams, then you should not despair. To win the war with mosquitoes can also be due to improvised means that will help get rid of insects even when you forgot to take care of your own safety and comfort in advance.

How to deal with mosquitoes in the open air?

Any walk in the bosom of nature can leave in your heart not the

best memories if you are constantly vexed by mosquitoes. To get rid of them at least for a while, can resort to the smoke screen .This option is ideal for those who want to dine comfortably in the open air or sit quietly on the river bank, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. The main thing is to pre-stock up with spruce cones, pine branches or juniper bark, which should be thrown into the fire. Smoke from burning plants, which contain aromatic resins, excellently repels any insects, including mosquitoes. If you are a few meters from the fire, you can rest assured - these little bloodsuckers can not spoil your rest.

Those who do not plan to kindle a fire, but feel very uncomfortable in nature in a mosquito society, it is worth looking for plants that could be used to repel insects. In particular, refers to the leaves of bird cherry, elderberry, basil and catnip , which can be collected in the forest, on a meadow or in the nearest vegetable garden. Leaves of plants should be crushed, and the resulting juice rub open areas of the body. This simple and affordable way to fight mosquitoes reliably protects you from insect bites for about 2-3 hours.

Those who went on a trip, but forgot to take with them repellents - cosmetic means of protection against insects, you can use the products that you have in your backpack. For fighting mosquitoes, onions and garlic are excellent, which you can rub open areas of the body .Of course, it will not add to the attractiveness in the eyes of others, since garlic "ambre" can scare anyone who approaches closer to a person than 1 m. But mosquitoes will fly you over a kilometer, although the effect of onions and garlic does not holdmore than 2 hours.

For lovers of hot drinks a variant of wiping the skin with vodka or cognac is suitable. Certainly, such valuable products in marching conditions are much more expedient to use inside. But when it comes to mosquitoes, it is not necessary to choose. Moreover, the usual "pepper" can protect you from insects for about 4-5 hours, and the duration of the protective vapors of cognac is calculated for about 7 hours. By the way, this is one of the few life situations where disastrous habits can be very useful. In addition to alcohol, tobacco also helps fight mosquitoes. Cigarette smoke very well repels these annoying insects. Well, if you donate a few cigarettes for the sake of a good cause and extract tobacco from them, which is scattered around the tent, then you can rest assured that at night no one puts you to enjoy a sound and healthy sleep.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the house?

Mosquitoes appear in the apartment imperceptibly. Even yesterday you felt at home quite comfortably and safely, and today you simply can not find a place where you could hide from these insects. It is clear that in the middle of the night no one will run to the store for rescuing insect repellents. What to do in this situation?

Carefully inspect the shelf with makeup and try to find among the skin care products essential oils - cedar, chamomile, lavender or pink .If you succeed, you can rest assured - in a few minutes mosquitoes will leave you alone. It will be enough just to apply a few drops of funds on the skin and rub them to permanently scare away uninvited guests.

If the house has camphor , then it can also be used in the fight against insects. However, it is not necessary to rub it into the skin. It is enough just to boil water and add a couple drops of this substance to it, so that in a few minutes the fragrant steam clears the room from the bloodsuckers. Hard camphor can simply be set on fire in a small bowl, and the smoke processed by the rooms, which will permanently get rid of mosquitoes.

Very good in this case helps the Caucasian chamomile , the bundle of which always should be kept in reserve in case of invasion of insects. Dry grass should be crushed and sprinkled around the apartment - this will be enough to protect the house from mosquitoes, at least for a week. If chamomile is not present, but in the medicine cabinet there is an alcohol tincture of Artemisia, then it can be used to fight mosquitoes. Tincture must simply spray on the floor, especially carefully having processed the bedroom, and you can rest assured that the next night the insects will not bother you at all.

For those who know a lot about seasonings and like anise, it's fashionable to use the seeds of this plant, a pinch of which is easy enough to heat in a frying pan. The spicy aroma, exuded by fried anise, will scare away mosquitoes for a long time and allow you to get a normal sleep.

How to prepare effective repellents at home?

In the old days, when we had only to dream of modern mosquito repellent remedies, our ancestors escaped from these obsessive insects, even in primitive, but quite effective ways. In the course, naturally, there were herbs capable of protecting the body from the bites of these insects. First of all, we are talking about the root of valerian , 1 tablespoon of which you need to pour 20 ml of boiling water, soak in a thermos for half an hour and drain. Obtained remedy is recommended to wipe open areas of the body every 4-5 hours, and then you are guaranteed to protect yourself from any insects. The wild grass also possesses such repellent qualities, the roots of which are brewed in the same way as valerian. To repel mosquitoes, you can successfully use the juice of green tomatoes, a decoction of cedar cones and pine needles, which are no less effective than modern oils and insecticides.

Experienced hunters gathering in the taiga, necessarily took with themselves a bubble fish oil - a remedy that also very well repels mosquitoes .However, if this scarce product is still not at hand, then at home you can prepare a very effective lotion that will save you from mosquitoes both outdoors and indoors. To do this, should be searched for among cloves, and 1 tablespoon of the preparation should be filled with 100 ml of cold water , and then the mixture is brought to a boil over low heat and cooled at room temperature. Then it should be mixed in equal proportions with a decoction and any cologne: it is recommended to lubricate the body every 7-8 hours to protect it from mosquito bites. By the way, the most usual deterrent properties are the most ordinary vanilla, 0.5 teaspoon of which you need to mix with 50 g of baby cream. As a result, you will get a very fragrant remedy, thanks to which you can feel comfortable and do not worry that you will be molested by mosquitoes.

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