The best washing powders for automatic machines

The right choice of washing powder for the automatic machine is very important. On this depends not only the quality of washing, but also the likelihood of allergic reactions, the presence of powder residues on the laundry after rinsing, the life of the machine itself. We selected the ten best washing powders for all these criteria and offer the resulting rating to your attention.

1. Sarma

Sarma-Automatic is used mainly for washing white and light linen, it is suitable for both cotton and synthetic fabrics. The powder contains a whole system of bleaches, which allows "Sarma" to effectively remove even stubborn stains, cope with yellowness, return things shining whiteness or restore their color.

"Sarma-Automatic" has an antibacterial effect, despite the fact that the powder does not contain chlorine. This is a unique feature of this powder, it not only launches laundry, but also kills bacteria. Powder can be used including for washing in cold water, it rinses well, leaves no residue on th

e laundry."Sarma-Automatic" is of high quality and at the same time has an affordable price.

Cost - about 100 rubles.for 800 g.

2. "Eared Nanny"

"Eared Nanny" is a washing powder intended primarily for washing children's things. This is due to its two main properties. On the one hand, it excellently displays even "complex" spots, and on the other hand it is safe, hypoallergenic."Eared Nanny" is suitable for washing natural and synthetic fabrics, as well as fabrics of mixed fibers. The powder additionally contains additives that soften the water and provide anti-corrosion protection for the elements of the washing machine.

"Eared Nanny" takes care of the fabric, does not damage its fibers. The powder does not contain soap and thanks to this it is quickly rinsed out of the laundry."Eared Nanny" is recommended not only for washing children's things - it can be used by those who suffer from allergic reactions to components of conventional washing powders. This is a quality and affordable remedy that will help keep clothes in perfect condition for a long time.

The cost of packing 4.5 kg - about 470 rubles.

3. "Gloss 9 Automatic"

"Gloss 9 Automatic" is a universal washing powder that is suitable for colored laundry. It can be used for washing natural and synthetic fabrics, except silk and wool. Wash the "Gloss 9 Automatic" can also manually, but it is important to rinse the laundry.

The "Locus 9 Automatic" consists of 9 components that provide effective removal of spots of different origin. The powder has a pleasant smell, is easily rinsed, does not leave traces on the fabric or smell. The formula "Gloss 9 Automatic" is such that the powder delicately launches the fabric without damaging its fibers and helping to keep the excellent kind of things for a long time.

The cost of packing 4.5 kg - about 450 rubles.

4. Ariel "Mountain spring"

Washing powders Ariel belong to the category of the most popular: the manufacturer produces many of their kinds, offering separate lines for white, black, color linen. Ariel "Mountain spring" can be used for washing light and colored linen, its characteristic feature is a pleasant, fresh smell. In the composition of the powder - a whole group of special polymers, providing qualitative removal of stains.

Ariel can be used for both natural and synthetic fabrics, but it is especially recommended for cotton - it smoothes cotton fibers, returning the impeccable appearance to the laundry. This washing powder can also be used when washing in cold water, since it contains special enzymes, which retain their effectiveness even at low temperatures. Finally, also in the Ariel "Mountain spring" are components that help protect the metal parts of the washing machine from corrosion.

Cost - 400 rubles.for a package weighing 3 kg.

5. Frosch "Color Aloe Vera"

This washing powder from Frosch is concentrated and can be used for washing colored underwear in water from 30 to 60 ° C.Frosch is not recommended to wash woolen and silk things. As part of the powder - a formula with an extract of Aloe Vera, which provides not only a deep cleansing of natural and synthetic fibers of the fabric, but also the protection of their color. Thanks to this, when washing with Frosch it is possible to maintain the ideal appearance of the laundry.

Frost does not contain bleach, but there are also components to protect it from staining. Frosch "Color Aloe Vera" - completely safe detergent. Thus, studies confirm that it does not contain irritating or allergic components.

Cost - from 500 rubles.for 1.35 kg.

6. Tide Color Automatic

Tide Color is a washing powder that is designed for washing colored things and can be used in any type of washing machine. This washing powder is good for washing even complex spots, while maintaining the brightness of the color of the fabric. In the composition of the powder there are no bleaches, so that it retains the structure of the fibers of the fabric. The only drawback is - if the recommended dosage is exceeded, Tide Color can be rinsed out badly( you need to run additional rinse).In general, Tide Color is a quality detergent at an affordable price.

Cost - about 300 rubles.for a packing of 4 kg.

7. Weasel "Radiance of color"

Liquid detergent "Laska" is intended for delicate fabrics and can also be used for washing silk and woolen things."Laska" has a specially developed formula that allows you to delicately wash things without damaging the structure of the fabric and protecting their color. Including, "Laska" is suitable for things with a pattern or pattern. The additional effect of color restoration helps to protect things from fading, to preserve the original fabric texture, to return things to an ideal appearance.

Washing powder "Laska" can be used with water of any rigidity, but when washing it is important to choose a delicate washing program, as well as carefully follow the recommendations regarding the washing schedule on the labels of clothing.

Cost - about 300 rubles.for 2 liters of liquid powder.

8. "BOS Plus Max"

"BOS Plus Max" is not even a washing powder, but a bleach with the properties of an amplifier of a conventional washing powder. It can be used for all types of tissues, providing whitening and disinfection even at low temperatures. In the "BOS Plus Max" is active oxygen, thanks to which the powder effectively removes stains and delicately whitens any fabrics, including wool and silk.

Cost - about 75 rubles.for 600 g.

9. Reflect

Concentrated detergent Reflect contains dietary supplements, as well as active ingredients and enzymes that ensure effective removal of any, including complex or chronic spots. Use Reflect can be used for washing natural and synthetic fabrics at any temperature. Reflect is a concentrate that should be used in a volume equal to ¼ of the dosage of a conventional powder. To make the powder convenient to measure, it is sold together with a measuring spoon.

Reflect is good for washing clothes, rinses easily, leaves no traces on the fabric. It provides gentle washing and helps prolong the life of the internal elements of the washing machine.

Price - 170 rubles.for 650 g.

10. Ariel Active Gel

Ariel Active Gel are capsules with liquid detergent. One capsule is designed for 1 wash. It is loaded inside the drum with laundry. Ariel Active Gel provides effective removal of even the most resistant stains after the first wash. The gel has a pleasant smell, which is stored on the laundry after rinsing. The gel itself is rinsed out of the fabric completely.

Ariel Active Gel is designed for washing colored linens from natural and synthetic fabrics. The capsule shell is made of a special substance that completely dissolves in water.

Cost - about 470 rubles.for a package of 16 capsules.

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