How to get rid of underwear lice

How to get rid of underwear lice As a rule, people who neglect personal hygiene and rarely change clothes are considered to be at risk of those who are prone to attack linen lice. However, as practice shows, those who do not belong to the designated category can suffer from these parasitic insects. Today we will talk about how to get rid of laundry lice quickly and effectively.

Linen lice, unlike their older relatives - head lice, live not in hair, but on clothes, closer to the body of a person, disguised in seams, folds, belts, cuffs, etc. Parasites feed exclusively on human blood .In the places of bites there are characteristic itchy eruptions, which by mistake can be mistaken for allergies. Without food, lice can not live longer than a week, therefore the best prevention is a regular change of clothes. It is not superfluous to note that it is considered unfavorable for lice to be made of wool( since such outfits are rarely worn on the naked body), insects avoid settling on silk, smooth and creaking tissues, the preferr

ed place of residence is flax and cotton.

What can you do if you become a victim of linen lice?

First of all, it is necessary to stretch as much hot water as possible and to dry in the sun all the outfits in the wardrobe, including outerwear, underwear and bed linen, towels. Carbifos ( at the rate of 3 grams 45-50% or 5 grams 30-35% emulsifiable concentrate of carbophos per liter of water) can be added to water for greater efficiency. Effective in the fight against laundry lice is also a 20% soap-kerosene emulsion. If there are things in the wardrobe that can not be washed in hot water, put them in a bag and freeze for at least three days in the freezer, and in winter it is possible and on the street. Such a procedure can be unsafe for jackets and coats, so it is better to give such clothes to dry cleaners.

You can destroy parasites with methylacetofus dust dust or pyrethrum at a rate of 25 or 30-55 grams for a set of underwear, 40 or 60 grams for a set of bed linen, 40 and 105 grams per unit of outerwear, respectively. After all, you need to put it in a bag. After a few hours, the powder should be removed, and the processed things hung out on the street for ventilation.

If only one garment is infected, hang it in the sun for a week. After such sunbathing, the outfit needs to be washed, and then one can not be afraid that he is still infected.
In case of neglected cases or when it is necessary to disinfect a large number of clothes, the best solution will be to resort to steam-formalin chambers that help to destroy all kinds of pests. To such a service, traders second-hand tend to turn.

Despite the fact that linen louses settle exclusively on clothes, it is not superfluous to take additional security measures and bathe yourself or bathe the patient in the boiled broth, wormwood, mint juice or parsley. In the fight against larvae, cranberry juice helps, because its acidic environment destroys the outer shell of the egg. Soap and tar soap, saturated with alkali, are also quite effective against linen pediculosis .The indicated means to everything else are not as aggressive as those outlined above, which is why they are used by pregnant women and young children.

You can arrange linen lice aroma. So, it is known that small parasites are not indifferent to pleasant flavors( for example, to an expensive high-quality perfume), but smell of tansy, milkweed and fern is destructive for them .Take it into service and use it as an integrated measure.

Despite the fact that at present the risk of catching linen lice is not as high as in the past, nevertheless the chances of catching them are there. That's why on arrival from vacation, business trip, after visiting a public bath, always carefully stretch or at least dry all the clothes for a few days in the sun. In this simple way, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting infected with lingerie pediculosis.

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