Gel for washing with own hands

Gel for washing with own hands Having repeatedly made sure that many allergic reactions( sneezing, scabies, runny nose, rash) often occur with the use of many industrial cleaning and cleaning products for the home, many began to do them themselves. The blessing on this subject of information abound. Today we will make our own home-made gel for washing.

No expensive and scarce "products" are needed for this, because it consists of the simplest and most accessible components. At cost, it turns out to be much cheaper than any similar industrial facility. And on health security can not be compared to any of those. Use the same home gel as you can during manual washing, or when washing in the machine.

Ingredients for the gel:
• 600 ml.water;
• 70 g of soda ash;
• 30 g of household soap;
• a bag of green tea;
• Eucalyptus essential oil - 3 drops.

How to make a gel for washing

1. Electric tiles will be used for cooking. Turn the plate on all power, pour 500 ml.water in the bucket and put it on the hot tan.


2. While the water is heating and boiling, pour 100 ml.boiling water a bag of green tea - let it boil. gel-for-laundry4

3. We turn the soap with the help of a grater into small chips. gel-for-washing5

4. As soon as the water boils, fill the bucket with crushed soap and mix thoroughly until it dissolves completely. gel-for-laundry

5. Next we pour out the soda ash, mix again, bringing it to a homogeneous state. gel-for-laundry7

6. We remove the foam formed during the mixing with the help of a "leaky" spoon - it does not need us anything. gel-for-laundry8

7. Remove the bucket from the plate and pour in 50 tea( the rest can be drunk), stir and leave to cool. gel-for-washing

8. When the soapy coolant has cooled to room temperature, add the essential oil and transfer it to the jar in which our homemade gel for laundry will be stored. gel-for-laundry10


You can start using it. Before washing it is enough to pour in a drum of the washing machine no more than 150 ml.gel. And you will not need any air conditioner. This tool has a double action. Linen will not only be clean and fresh, but also fragrant. gel-for-laundry12

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