Growing lobelia from seeds

Lobelia Fragile and air lobelia is a real decoration of any infield. It blooms from the beginning of summer and until late autumn, pleasing the surrounding people not only with its appearance, but also with its exquisite aroma. However, there is a small problem, because lobelia belongs to the group of annual plants, and it should be planted in the open ground each year .If you just throw seeds in the soil, then the probability that they will ascend is small. In addition, the rare flowers that make their way outside can not create a luxurious green-lilac carpet, thanks to which not only gardeners but also experts in landscape design adore lobelike. To achieve this effect, you need to use seedlings, which can be obtained from seeds at home.

Features of germination of seeds of lobelia

Seeds of lobelia are so small that they resemble particles of dust. It is for this reason that they are sold in pellets of 8-10 pieces. This is convenient enough not only from the point of view of germination, but is also a

n ideal option when forming shrubs. In this case, you do not have to manually separate the shoots from each other and make up a composition of them, and then put them in the open ground. It will be enough to take a granule with young shoots and place it in the hole in the garden, saving both time and effort on the procedure of gardening.

Preliminary processing of lobelia seeds is not required, but the soil in which they will be placed will have to be prepared specially by .Usually, plastic containers or wooden boxes are used for seedlings, but you can also form bushes in ordinary paper cups. As a substrate, it is best to use a mixture of 2 parts of turf, 1 part of compost, 1 part of peat and 1 part of river sand. Ground should be placed in boxes, containers or cups a few days before the landing of lobelia seeds, level and pour with a weak solution of fungicide( a pinch of powder per 1 liter of water).This means can also lightly sprinkle seeds themselves, which will accelerate their germination and protect against disease.

Immediately before planting, the soil should be moistened again, but this time with standing water at room temperature. Then in the ground, you need to make small depressions( up to 1 cm), in which the granules are placed. On 1 cup should be planted no more than 2-3 granulated seeds of lobelia. If it is a container, the wells are placed about 2 cm apart. In the case where the seeds are not granulated, it is best to mix them with river sand in equal proportions, and then evenly sprinkle the resulting composition with the soil, and add a substrate for several millimeters. Watering the seeds after landing does not follow.

Seed care, fertilizing and picking

After about 10 days, the first small sprouts appear on the surface of the ground, which are very easy to confuse with weeds - they are so small and inconspicuous. However, do not rush to conclusions: if the young greens covers the entire carpet with a free area, then you really have young shoots of lobelia. Watch them for a few days and make sure that the seedling has 3 or more leaves of .From this moment it is possible to perform a picking, i.e.plant lobelia so that it can develop normally. It should be done very carefully, slightly digging the soil with a blunt object near the rootlets of the seedling. Then it must be carefully extracted from the soil and placed in another container. As a result, you should have formed small and rather pretty bush, consisting of about 10 young plants. In addition, it is necessary to leave a few single seedlings, which will be used to form regular shaped shrubs during the landing of lobelia in the open ground.

Water lobelyu not very often - about 1-2 times a week , using for this purpose water at room temperature, settled for at least a day. In addition, every week in the soil you need to make fertilizer for garden flowers. Lobelia very badly tolerates heat, so the optimal temperature in the room, where the containers with seedlings, should not exceed + 15-17 degrees.

Timing of embarkation

If you want to already in May on the garden area blossom and fragrant lobelia, germinate the seeds should be at the end of February or early March. The incubation period of this plant is at least 2 weeks, after which a pick is performed. However, it will not be less than a month before lobelia can be planted in the open ground. This is best done at the end of April, as well as strong seedlings feel good at low temperatures, although frost can not withstand. Approximately 1.5-2 after ligation in the open ground, lobelia will begin to bloom , but only on condition that you looked after the seedlings correctly, did not silt the soil and did not overheat young shoots.

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