Why you can not boil water twice

About that one can only boil water once, surely, all our readers. However, the reasons for this recommendation can be answered only by one. Today we will talk about what happens to the precious liquid during boiling, and what threatens to boil again.

Despite the fact that the composition of the water molecule is known to everyone - two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, this colorless liquid contains a lot of impurities, most of which not only are not useful, but can even harm our body. What happens during boiling? All bacteria and microbes contained in water die( actually, for this we boil water), but at the same time, water molecules and oxygen evaporate at 100 degrees Celsius, while the impurities remain in the water, and their concentration increases dramatically. The contained hydrogen atoms do not die as the temperature rises, but settle to the bottom and thus weight the fluid. Chlorine, which is necessarily contained in water poured from the taps in our apartments, when heated, re

acts with organic substances, resulting in the formation of dangerous carcinogens, which are known to provoke the development of cancer tumors, and dioxins. And finally - with each boiling water becomes more and more saturated with salts and metals, while losing its taste.

Water is necessary for humans, because it is almost 80% of this colorless, odorless, but such priceless liquid. To every sip was really useful, you must follow a few simple recommendations.

First of all, use fresh water for boiling. If a small amount of water remains in the kettle, do not add water to it, pour the leftovers and pour fresh.

It is advisable to boil the water of which has stood up for at least a couple of hours, rather than dialed from the tap. This will allow the heavy impurities contained in the water to settle on the bottom and not get to you in a glass, and, consequently, in the body.

If you decide to fill with a boiling water thermos, do not clog the lid immediately, but wait a couple of minutes.

Of course, only you decide to boil water several times or each time to use for boiling fresh. However, one should not forget that the accumulation in the body of harmful compounds formed in water during boiling, slowly, but still occurs. To what it can lead in the future, it remains only to guess.

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