How to boil mussels

Ingredients :
• Cleared frozen mussels - 300 grams
• Water - 250 grams
• Salt - 1 teaspoon

How to brew mussels

1. The main ingredient in the cooking process will be mussels.

2. We have them without a shell of boiled and frozen state. Before they cook, leave them to unfreeze.

3. We empty the excess water after defrosting, put it in a separate container.

4. Put a small pot of water on the cooking zone, bring it to a boiling state. We begin to fill up the mussels neatly.

5. Cook them about 6-7 minutes. Let's add a teaspoon of salt. It is important not to digest the mussels, otherwise they can release their juice and you will not feel all their taste.

6. Serve the cooked mussels with olive oil and sprinkle with greens.

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