How to measure 100 grams of flour

How often, creating in the kitchen another culinary masterpiece on a new recipe, you faced with the need to weigh exactly 100 grams of flour? We are sure, quite often. Of course, it's good if you have special kitchen scales in your arsenal, but what if there are not any at hand? Read this post until the end, because today you will learn how to weigh 100 grams of flour with the help of improvised means.

Using the measuring cup

The most common, of course, after using kitchen scales, the way to weigh 100 grams of flour is to use a measuring cup. On its wall, as a rule, there is a special scale with serifs that tell how much of the substance is contained in it. The disadvantage of this method is that, unfortunately, not always such dishes are in the arsenal.

Using a tablespoon

So what, and find a tablespoon in the kitchen is not difficult. So if you need to weigh 100 grams of flour, arm this particular device.

A tablespoon filled with a slide contains 15 grams of flour. Therefore, in order to measure the number required by the prescription, you will have to scoop up with a spoon almost 7 times.

If you fill a tablespoon without a slide, then the volume will be equal to 10 grams. Simple mathematical calculations allow to understand that in order to observe the proportions specified in the recipe, it will be necessary to take 10 spoons.

Using a teaspoon

If for some reason you can not use a tablespoon in order to weigh 100 grams of flour, prepare a teaspoon.

If you scoop a teaspoon of flour with a slide, the net weight will be equal to 5 grams. many as 20 spoonfuls are needed to weigh 100 grams. In a teaspoonful of flour filled without a hill, naturally, even less - only 4 grams. This means that 100 grams of flour is in 25 teaspoons.

With a dessert spoon

In the set of kitchen appliances, there are also dessert spoons - these are those that are slightly smaller than table, but more teaspoons.

In a filled with a slice of a dessert spoon, 12 grams of flour can be found. So, scooping up such a spoon 8.5 times, you can get 100 grams of the product. If you fill a dessert spoon without a top, then the manipulations will have to be done more - 15, since this volume will equal 7 grams of flour.

With the help of a faceted glass

A faceted glass arrived from the USSR is an ideal device for a plumb of 100 grams of flour.

In a glass filled to the top, 150 grams of flour is placed. Therefore, in the filled on 2/3 glass and there will be a quantity required by the recipe.

The original way to hang 100 grams of flour, suitable for those housewives who are friendly with the geometry of

Draw a rectangle with sides of 10 and 20 cm on a blank sheet of paper. On the larger sides measure out 2 centimeters, place the notches and connect them with a straight line. Pour a kilogram of flour( in stores to find such a package is not difficult), distribute this amount within a rectangle of 10x20 in an even layer, without going beyond its boundaries. Armed with a ruler or knife with a long blade, separate that part of the flour, which is in a rectangle of 2x10 cm. The weight of this portion of flour will equal the necessary 100 grams.

As you can see, weighing 100 grams of flour, without having kitchen scales at all, is quite simple. You just need to be smart and armed with standard kitchen utensils.

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