What to do so that banks with cucumbers do not explode

The fact that you have twirled a couple of jars of pickled cucumbers, still does not give a hundred percent guarantee that in the winter you can fill them with plenty. Often a couple of days after the twist, the banks "explode".To eat such salting, naturally, it is impossible, and this means that all your efforts proved useless. Avoid such an unpleasant incident, you can just follow certain recommendations. We hasten to inform you what should be done so that the banks with cucumbers do not "explode".

Preparation of cucumbers

In many respects the success of harvesting cucumbers for the winter depends on the proper level of preparation of "raw materials".Cucumbers, selected for pickling or pickling, you need not just to wash thoroughly, but to soak with water for several hours. After water procedures, cucumbers should be dried well.

Preparation of jars

An important role is played by prepared jars in which you plan to store cucumbers for the winter.

There are several options for

preparation of cans:
1. Banks should be sterilized in the usual way( steamed, in the oven, in a microwave oven) and thoroughly dried.
2. Banks can be washed, put the neck down on a clean dry towel to release them from excess moisture.
3. If desired, can be disinfected with vodka. Simply pour into the jar about 50-70 grams of vodka, rinse the jar, pour the liquid into another jar, repeat the procedure. Thus, you should deal with all banks.

Preparation of covers

Many, harvesting cucumbers for the winter in jars, do not pay enough attention to the lids. But the shelf life of the salt depends on them. Therefore, roll jars should only be boiled or disinfected vodka lids.

What should be added to cucumbers to prevent the "explosion" of the cans

Some hostesses advise in jars to pickles to add a handful of red currants or a couple of tomatoes. It is believed that it is these delicious additives that prevent the "explosion" of cans and turbidity of the pickle / marinade. However, there are certain that in order for banks with cucumbers not to "explode", it is not necessary to add anything to them. It is enough to fill the brine / marinade jars on the very edge and immediately turn the lids prepared in the manner described above. This procedure will minimize the air content in the banks, which, in fact, is the cause of the "explosion".

Successful blanks for the winter!

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