Can I give a towel

From generation to generation, superstitions and beliefs are passed about what is extremely undesirable to present as a gift to family and close people. Perhaps you will be surprised, but the list of banned gifts includes a towel. Let's try to figure out when this taboo suddenly appeared. Who knows, maybe it is absolutely groundless, in this case there will be an opportunity, to give a towel without thinking at all about some hidden secret behind such a gift.

Why not give a towel

It turns out that a sign saying that giving a towel promises parting, came to us from Ancient Russia. In those days, towels were taken to give guests who came to remember the deceased. Then was thought that giving towels to their relatives portends separation from them , prolonged parting, quarrels or even their death.

Towels at that time were associated with many unpleasant events. So, after the funeral, a towel was hung on the fence near the deceased's house. After the deceased is taken out of the house,

the doors are not locked, but tied with a towel. The grandmothers embroidered the towels for the men of their family - grandchildren, sons, sons-in-law, brothers, for long evenings, but only the addressees received their presents only after the death of the needlewoman.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, however, there are quite a lot of believers today that such a gift does not bode well for a donor or a gifter. Although , if you understand, many of the rituals listed above have lost their relevance, and it should be mentioned that the ritual towels differed markedly from the modern , you can safely say that at present the towel is not such a forbidden gift. And if you consider the practicality of towels and their indispensability in everyday life, they can take the leading position in the list of gifts to close relatives and those to whom you want to show your care and love. A good towel will be delighted by the mother, the grandmother also hardly criticizes such a present, the husband, wiping himself after the shower, presented him with a towel, will remember his beloved wife. ..

Time does not stand still, some superstitions do not have a reasonable explanation today. Therefore, to give towels to your friends and relatives or to believe that such a gift is not good - it's up to you, dear readers. We want your gifts to always be to the heart of the recipients.

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