What does a tomato dream about?

To see tomatoes in a dream is a good sign. You will have success in business and joyful events in life.

Tomatoes promise a quick pleasant introduction to , which, it is not excluded, will grow into something more. If the girl in a dream saw tomatoes, then it says that she has a secret admirer. Ripe tomatoes promise a happy marriage.

There are tomatoes in a dream promises good health. For sick people, such a dream is the guarantor of an early recovery. If this vegetable was delicious, then you are lucky, perhaps you will go on a journey full of pleasant experiences. Salted tomatoes promise betrayal.

The growing tomatoes promise happiness and joy in family life. Such a dream can tell you that you will soon receive pleasant news. To see a greenhouse with tomatoes promises to replenish the family.

To see green tomatoes means in real life something will cause you bewilderment. Red tomatoes are often a harbinger of an act for the accomplishment of which you will be ashamed,

so to speak, blush like a tomato. A black vegetable warns that in your life there will be a dark strip, be patient, after all it will be bright.

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