Why does it rain

Dreams are sometimes much more realistic than real life. In the course of everyday life, we rarely have the opportunity to stop and pay attention to some phenomenon of nature, for example, rain. But in a dream we can admire it from the window for a long time, run barefoot in puddles, catch cold drops in our hands. The sensations from such a dream can be very different, the awakening can turn out to be sad or cheerful, in the morning you can feel the excitement, joy, depression, irritation - the attitude to rain is different for everyone. What does the rain dream about? On the eve of what the sky in the dream dragged on by clouds, and went a mushroom rain or a storm shower?

Rain in a dream is a symbol of purification .Probably, in your life now is a time when you need to cleanse, change, start all over again. Often the rain dreams of people who have gone through a difficult parting, the rain in a dream in this case indicates that the pain has gone and you are ready for a new relationship.

Also, rain in a dream is associated with increased emotionality. When it's restless on the soul, it's raining. It is because of this that the rain can also dream of tears. Tears are also purification, emotions and rain symbolize them.

To fall into a dream under the rain - to fruitful work, to receive positive results from its activities. Rain, watered crops, leads to a rich harvest. So in your case.

A colorful thunderstorm , with a torrent of walls, thunder and lightning, dreams before a stormy period in life, which will be filled with meetings, pleasant troubles, communication, trips. You will be tired, but satisfied. A small gray rain portends a boring and measured life, although, perhaps, this is what you need right now.

Thunderstorm with strong gusts of wind will bring you adversity, the stronger the wind, the more problems are expected. Any dream with rain and with a strong wind has a negative value.

Get wet before the thread under the warm rain - for love, friendship, warm relations. Everything in your life will be quiet and smooth, without quarrels and insults with close and dear people. But if you have bothered to get wet under a cold rain, and even to freeze to the bone, then wait for the disagreement and discord in the relationship. If you are exposed to rain, but your hair gets wet, ahead of you is a very passionate night!

The rain, which on the ground turns into dirty brooks of , carrying the garbage, portends a string of troubles and troubles. The darker around and the more black the water, the more serious the problem will be.

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