Why do ants dream?

To anyone who saw an ants in a dream, especially if they crawled on clothes, you should be prepared to face the minor troubles and problems that await this day. Often, a dream in which you saw these small hard-working insects, says that you are expected to succeed in business and as a result great profit and satisfaction with the result.

If an ants in a dream saw a lover , then in the near future it expects marriage and a long happy family life. For the sick, these insects, dreamed of in a dream, are a harbinger of the fact that they will be able to get rid of the disease only by treatment with ant alcohol. Entrepreneurs promise success, profit and independence.

If you have caught an ant in a dream, then in the very near future you will receive a lot of material encouragement, and along with it, glory, honor and respect of society will come to you. To see in your dream how you press or trample ants, then in the future, and perhaps the rest of your life, you will regret your actions

and repent. A similar dream can also be an indication that your reputation will be undermined and society will condemn you.

A friendly string of ants in a dream tells us that that you have a lot of friends in real life, you can rely on them in any situation and be sure that they will never let you down.

If in a dream you see how ants come into your house, then very soon you will acquire your own property. But the ants crawling on your bed, often dreaming on the eve of an unfortunate event in your life. Ants jammed into jam and stuck in it , in a dream, warn you that in order to achieve the goal you will have to work hard, meetings with difficulties on the way to the realization of all plans are possible. Unfavorable, foreshadowing a danger to life, is a dream in which you saw how an ant gets in your mouth or ear.

If in a dream you saw an anthill , then in real life you try to evade work in every way. If you destroy the habitation of ants in a dream, then in reality you will fall into a dubious scam, the end of which will be far from the most favorable for you. Often such a dream warns that because of your natural shyness you simply can not refuse to participate in the illegal act, which you will then very much regret.

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