What is the dream of worms

Worms, famous for their resourcefulness, say in a dream that you will need to be dexterous to achieve your goals. Often, such a dream warns that in your society there are "slippery" characters, so to avoid trouble, you should always be alert.

Worms in a dream are a warning to .So, perhaps, they call for taking care of their health, it is possible that the symptoms of your illness have simply not manifested. Sometimes these invertebrates inform you in a dream that intrigues are woven against you and you should not be too frank in dealing with unfamiliar people, otherwise your authority may be undermined.

Earthworms dream of a pleasant journey .The road will be easy and unencumbered. Dream silkworms say that your friends are always ready to help you, you can count on them even in the most difficult life situations, but one should not abuse their kindness.

If a young woman dreams of worms crawling on her, then this is a sign that her dreams and aspirations will always be on a ma

terial level. The desire of a girl to live in a world of spiritual and moral values ​​is informed by a dream in which she managed to throw off worms or kill them.

To see worms in meat predicts a serious illness for the dreamer. Worms in the land promise success in any business or undertaking, excellent results. This dream is often a harbinger of a good harvest year. To see the worm-eaten tree promises losses and losses, in order to avoid this, you should pay more attention to your property. Worms crawling on the grass, warn of people who are unkind to you from your surroundings. Sleep in which you killed worms says that you can avoid troubles.

Attaching the worm to the hook as a bait for fish reports that, thanks to your ingenuity, you will be able to benefit from the mistakes made by your enemies. Great success in business, honor and fame, like compensation for discomfort, await those who dreamed of worms in their dreams. Such a dream prophesies to you a high position in society and material well-being.

If you saw worms in a dream, then this indicates that a joyful event is coming soon.

The card suit of worms promises success in love, warm relations with representatives of the opposite sex.

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