What is the school dreaming about

The dreamed school says that in real life you will have to prove your competence, knowledge of .Often such a dream warns that fate has prepared you a serious lesson. However, do not be in a hurry to survive ahead of time, because in most cases such a dream is a good sign.

To see the building of your school promises obstacles. Often such a dream speaks about your abilities in the humanitarian field. If there were many students in the schoolyard, then you are expected to advance on the career ladder. To be surrounded by his classmates promises a new stage in life.

If in a dream you saw yourself as a student of , then it reports that you yearn for the old days. Answer at the lesson says that you have to show your knowledge. At the same time, how you answered in a dream depends on the outcome of the matter in real life. Do not learn a lesson, it means you are in vain, because you are quite good at coping with the task assigned to you. Being late for the lesson promises a failure in y

our affairs, you can not justify the trust you have shown.

Teaching in a dream says that for the sake of material prosperity you will have to deal with unloved business. A dreamed schoolteacher is a statement that you choose a quiet and peaceful life.

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