What does the cemetery dream about?

The cemetery seen in a dream is, no matter how marvelous it seemed at first glance, a symbol of a long life, a successful outcome of the responsible business charged to you.

A loving person has a dream in which she walks with her beloved person to the cemetery, while they are happy, speaks of the young man's reciprocity towards her, but his external indifference will lead to their separation and in the future they will never be together. A girl preparing to marry, to see in a dream that her wedding procession is passing among the graves, one should be extremely cautious, since such a vision warns that her choice is threatened with grave danger until death. A young widow sleep in which she sees a cemetery, heralds a second marriage in the future, while it will be happy.

A young girl sees herself in a dream walking alone among the graves of heralding an unhappy marriage and regret in her deed. Elderly dream in which they see the cemetery, promises a long life and quiet care in a dif

ferent reality.

The old cemetery, seen in a dream , says that those whom you love and who so cherish leave you, but not of your own free will, but will be forced to do it because of circumstances. A well-groomed modern cemetery is a harbinger of the fact that the time for change has come, the main thing is just do not regret it and worry about it.

Fresh graves in the cemetery, which you saw in a dream , say that someone with their dishonorable act will make you suffer heavy agony. Dug graves are a symbol of the fact that in real life you are waiting for trouble and illness. Watching in an empty grave is a harbinger of the loss of native people.

Find in the cemetery a grave with your own surname says that in real life you are in serious trouble, losing a loved one and friends, bad news. Incredibly large monuments, seen in a dream, foreshadow bad changes and unhappy love. To see on the grave an impressive size cross says that in real life you should do more good deeds.

If you see a cemetery in the winter , then in life you will be away from relatives and friends. To see the landscape of the summer cemetery promises you a successful outcome of all current affairs and a future celebration on this occasion. However, it is possible that in order to get out of the business you will have to take risks, but, as the saying goes, the game is worth the candle.

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